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  • Forklift Safety

    CLMI is dedicated to providing your employees with online safety training videos that will continue to improve employee health and well-being, as well as keep your employees informed on the latest updates on health and safety training. Browse through our latest videos every month including accident investigation, chemical safety, heat stress, and so much more. Make sure your employees are trained and ready to take on the latest project for your company. CLMI is here to offer the mos

  • Forklift Safety Lessons for the Safe Pedestrian

    Forklift Safety Lessons for the Safe Pedestrian

    Forklifts can be very dangerous for both operators and employees out on the floor. In fact, 20 percent of all forklift incidents involve pedestrians being struck by a lift truck. In such an incident, it's the pedestrian that will suffer an injury or even death. These workers can avoid this by paying attention to the surroundings, staying a safe distance away from forklifts and following proper procedures. That's the purpose of this...

  • High Impact Forklift Operator Training

    High Impact Forklift Operator Training

    Nearly 1,000,000 powered industrial trucks are used in the workplace today. They are produced in many different sizes and models and help us perform a wide variety of tasks. While these machines assist us in lifting and moving heavy loads, they can also be extremely dangerous to operate. Each year, powered industrial trucks account for more than 100,000 injuries and over 100 deaths. To prevent accidents that result in personal injury and...