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  • Hazard Communication (HazCom)

  • Hazard Communication & the GHS Employee Training

    Hazard Communication & the GHS Employee Training

    With the implementation of the Global Harmonizing System, OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard is now in line with international standards regarding hazardous chemicals. Implementing the Global Harmonizing System, or GHS, helps ensure improved quality and consistency in the classification and labeling of all chemicals, which in turn improves an employee's ability to quickly understand critical safety information. This program is designed to help...

  • HazCom Understanding GHS Training

    HazCom Understanding GHS Training

    Understanding GHS HazCom is a 2-video training kit that helps regulated facilities meet the final effective compliance date of June 1, 2016. This kit handles both post-GHS (“Final Version”) and pre- and post-GHS (“Transition Version”) hazard communication so employers can show their employees either only the new or both the old and new configurations depending on their individual goals and when the training is...

  • Hazard Communication Training

    Hazard Communication Training

    Despite years of training on Hazard Communication, employees often ignore the hazards of chemicals in the workplace. CLMI’s new video program takes a fresh approach to this topic and gives practical information on the use of chemicals to answer the following six questions: What am I working with?. Can it hurt me?. How do I protect myself?. What do I do if something goes wrong?. Do I understand the new GHS label elements. Can I Identify the new...