co2balance UK Ltd

co2balance UK Ltd

Established in 2003 and now a leading authority on project development particularly in Sub Saharan Africa, co2balance provides specialist professional services and products related to the carbon market. Our work helps to generate funding for the continuing development and implementation of managed offset projects in less developed countries, to the benefit of the global environment and the people in whose communities we live and work. We do this efficiently by applying the discipline of a highly successful business model.

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1 Discovery House, Cook way, Bindon Road, Taunton , Somerset , TA2 6BJ United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Climate Change
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Globally (various continents)
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Established in 2003, co2balance offer carbon footprint calculation, carbon management and reduction services and an ethical way to offset greenhouse gas emissions through Gold Standard energy efficiency projects.

co2balance is a founding member of ICROA, a trade alliance which provides leadership and a unified voice, advocating rigorous industry standards in the carbon management sector.

co2balance have successfully implemented Carbon Management Solutions for some of the largest names in business such as Aviva, BSkyB, Toshiba UK, Toshiba Europe, Gaz De France, Staples Office Supplies, Dixons Stores Group, Mediacom, Hill Dickinson and the BBC.  Mediacom was placed 9th in the ‘Times Greenest Companies’ list due, in part, to their CarbonZero status and our carbon reduction work.

The Simple Truth

CarbonZero is at the heart of co2balance. To put it simply - products, services or entire companies working with co2balance can be branded CarbonZero provided they meet this one simple to understand test;

The Net Carbon Footprint of This Product is Entirely Offset Using Internationally Approved Carbon Credits.

The CarbonZero brand and internationally registered trademark is wholly owned by co2balance and provided under license to organisations working with us. It provides a clear statement to your customers that the product you are buying meets this simple test and is indeed CarbonZero.

The Technical Part

The assessment methodology of our Greenhouse Gas Audits to establish the carbon footprint follows the reporting principles and guidelines provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute (WBCSD/WRI Protocol). In line with the WBCSD/WRI Protocol, co2balance uses the following procedure to undertake a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment:

  • Establishment of the assessment boundaries (including the selection of: greenhouse gases, project boundaries and operational boundaries).
  • Collection of client data.
  • Evaluation of data quality and of client data sources.
  • Calculation of emissions using appropriate conversion factors.
  • Determination of suitable recommendations for future action.

Where appropriate our carbon footprinting and offset process follows the protocols of the international standards PAS2050 or PAS2060.

Extensions of the CarbonZero brand are applied such as CarbonZero Company, Publication, Distribution etc.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues currently facing humanity and our planet. co2balance provides businesses and individuals with easily accessible information on how to reduce and mitigate their contributions to climate change.co2balance aims:

  • to be the trusted partner of global organisations to provide advice on carbon reduction by measuring, reducing and offsetting an organisations emissions
  • to be the foremost global carbon project development organisation by promoting carbon offsetting.
  • to provide complete transparency to ensure with client's funds for all projects, we will:
    • meet internationally recognised project standards
    • be independently validated and verified
    • be backed by the CarbonZero guarantee
  • be guided by the beacon of 'ethical conduct', such that all projects we develop as well as saving greenhouse gases, provide social and environmental benefits to the community in which they are based
  • generate jobs in local communities
  • protect the local environment
  • transfer technology
  • boost local economies

We recognise that our own operations also have an affect on the local, regional and global environment. As a consequence of this, we are committed to continuous improvements in our own environmental performance and the prevention of pollution, as well as offsetting our own emissions to ensure our company is CarbonZero.

The directors and staff participated in defining the policy and the creation of the Environmental Policy Action Plan. The Policy and the Action Plan have both been adopted by the directors and have been communicated to all employees. An annual review is carried out and presented to the directors with an aim to secure continual improvement of our environmental performance. This can be achieved with the economically viable application of best available technology.

We welcome input from clients on this important feature of our work, thereby helping to sharpen our policy. We are also happy to advise clients by sharing our methods.

The Environmental Policy Action Plan incorporates the following general features:

  • Use electronic communications, reducing consumption of paper
  • Use teleconferencing / video conferencing facilities to avoid unnecessary meetings and save time
  • Allow staff to work from home avoiding the need to travel or to heat/light offices
  • Recycle waste paper, plastics, glass, aluminium cans, printer cartridges, kitchen waste and electronic equipment
  • Lift share to events, meetings, commuting etc to reduce fuel consumption
  • Regularly service and maintain vehicles to ensure fuel efficiency
  • Use 100% renewable energy sources for powering offices
  • All our staff are CarbonZero
  • We promote CycleScheme to our employees.