Coastal America Partnership

Coastal America Partnership

Coastal America Partnership

The Coastal America Partnership is a unique alliance of federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations that work together to protect, conserve, and restore the nation’s coastal and marine ecosystems and make coastal communities more resilient. This public–private partnership also supports innovative public education and outreach efforts to encourage greater stewardship of ocean and coastal resources, and provides awards and recognition for outstanding projects that reflect the use of partnerships to solve complex problems.

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History and Structure

The Coastal America Partnership was created in 1992 by an agreement among nine federal agencies. It has since grown into a partnership of federal agencies, state and local governments, and private organizations. The partnership’s national program office, located in Washington, D.C., coordinates and manages the activities under the guidance of national and regional teams.

The Coastal America Foundation, a nonprofit affiliated with the partnership, accepts donations and grants from corporate and federal funds that are used to support the partnership’s conservation, education, and restoration efforts. The partnership coordinates efforts between federal agencies and the private sector through the Corporate Partnership and Coastal America Learning Centers.

How We Work

On behalf of all Americans, we find ways to solve coastal challenges and get things done. Despite diminished federal resources, we foster new partnerships and find innovative ways to enhance existing efforts to restore and protect coastal resources. We also leverage the capabilities and expertise of our public and private partners to promote resilient coasts and thriving coastal communities. We do this by sharing knowledge and connecting people and organizations to needed resources. We help stretch dollars and catalyze actions—often to support projects already planned by local communities and state officials.

As examples, one of our Coastal America Learning Centers helped turn out local volunteers to replant a refurbished dune, a business leader from the Corporate Network provided heavy earth-moving equipment to re-create coastal habitat, and the U.S. Army designed a training exercise to take down a decaying dam that was stopping fish migration. We also strive to recognize successful efforts like these and do our best to help others replicate them in other parts of the country.

Through collaborative work with our Coastal America Learning Centers, we also promote a better understanding of the ocean’s influence on people—and their influence on the ocean.a