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  • Electrical Safety Training

  • Arc Flash: Safety Awareness

    Arc Flash: Safety Awareness

    Every day, 16 workers are injured in electrical accidents - some fatally. Give your workers comprehensive grounding on safety measures that spell compliance to NFPA Standard 70E. This award-winning course explains the facts on electrical shock, arc flash and arc blast. Arc flash hazards Electrical safety program Hazard analysis PPE Safe work practices

  • Electrical Emergencies: Proper Response

    Electrical Emergencies: Proper Response

    Spark your workers' safety know-how with this life-saving handbook. It highlights crucial information on three levels of electric shock, common causes and classifications of fire and proper first-aid measures for shock or smoke inhalation victims. Reducing human error when working around electricity Emergency procedures How to extinguish electrical fires

  • Electrical Hazards: Avoid The Risk

    Electrical Hazards: Avoid The Risk

    Never be in the dark about safety. Show your employees these illuminating guidelines on electrical circuits, proper grounding procedures and lockout/tagout methods to control electrical flow. Tool care Maintaining a safe environment De-energizing equipment and lockout/tagout procedures Requirements and qualifications for electrical workers

  • Electrical Safety

    Electrical Safety

    Hotwire your safety standards now. This detailed course covers electrical safety procedures and helps you comply with OSHA’s Electrical Safety Standard (1910.331-335). It introduces workers to the principles of electricity, shows them how to avoid electrical shock and demonstrates the correct responses to electrical emergencies. Electrical principles Electrical hazards Engineering controls Safe work...

  • Electrical Safety For The Qualified Worker

    Electrical Safety For The Qualified Worker

    Electrical safety is not to be taken lightly. Between 5 and 10 times a day, an arc flash explosion sends a burn victim to a special burn center. Generate strong safety procedures for your workers so they can avoid electrical shock, serious burns and arc flash accidents. This best-selling course also helps your facility comply with OSHA regulation 1910.333-335 and covers the following info: Correct PPE Lockout/tagout procedures...

  • Electrical Safety: Basic Principles

    Electrical Safety: Basic Principles

    Anyone working with electricity must know and apply basic safety principles and proper emergency procedures. This popular program defines common electrical terms and explains: Housekeeping Circuit protection devices.

  • Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite

    Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite

    An electrical shock is like the bite of a poisonous snake! Take the sting out of the danger now and protect your employees with life-saving information. Sink your teeth into this course which gives the low-down on electrical safety. Conductivity Lockout/tagout Safe work practices PPE Emergency response

  • Electrical Safety: Real, Real-Life

    Electrical Safety: Real, Real-Life

    Keep your safety measures plugged in with this program. An electrifying addition to the popular Real, Real-Life® series, it provides guidelines on electrical safety and protection measures against injuries or fatalities. It also explains the core concepts of the three A's and a host of other practical advice: Awareness, Attitude, Action Conductivity Safe working practices PPE Using GFCIs.

  • Electrical Safety: Safe In 8

    Electrical Safety: Safe In 8

    Charge up your safety standards with this program. Inform your employees of these practical guidelines, so that they can wire all their safety efforts against electrical hazards and respond swiftly when an accident strikes.

  • Electrical Safety: Working Around Live Circuits

    Electrical Safety: Working Around Live Circuits

    Unwire the currents of electrical dangers with this program. Designed for qualified electrical workers, it discusses OSHA's qualification requirements. It also highlights ways to reduce injuries and accidents, as advocated by the National Electrical Code. Requirements for qualification Working with and around live circuits National Electrical Code Test equipment