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Coastline Surveys Limited (CSL)

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  • Charting & Maintenance Dredging Services

    Charting & Maintenance Dredging Services

    Precise and accurate mapping of the coastal zone especially around port approaches and in shipping lanes is essential for charts to show maritime users the seabed morphology and submarine features. Safety and efficiency require route entrances and berths to be clear of obstacles and of adequate depth as shown on the charts. Coastline Surveys Limited undertakes regular bathymetric surveys of ports, harbours and marinas and their approaches. These are...

  • Geotechnical Testing & Sampling Services

    Geotechnical Testing & Sampling Services

    Coastline Surveys is a specialised marine geosciences and survey company operating in the UK and around the world.  As part of this integrated capability, Coastline Surveys specialise in marine seabed geotechnical surveys from shallow to deep water. With substantial in-house expertise and equipment, some of which is bespoke, we are able to help you plan and execute geotechnical surveys in such a way as to achieve your objectives, safely, to...

  • Environmental Monitoring Services

    Environmental Monitoring Services

    Environmental monitoring and impact assessments are becoming ever more important in regulations governing activities in the marine environment and in firms' applications for BS7750 accreditation. The Harbour Works (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations of 1988 & 1992 and the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 require planners and engineers, involved in harbour and marina developments, to carry out detailed site investigations to...

  • Marine Civil Engineering & Harbour Development Services

    Marine Civil Engineering & Harbour Development Services

    New civil engineering projects surveyed by Coastline Surveys Limited include bridges, dams, marinas and berths. Within established ports and marinas also there is a frequent requirement for quay and pier extensions as technology and commercial activities change. Both the physical entity of the constructions and the surrounding area have to be surveyed prior to and after work on the project for environmental and structural integrity. Geophysical...

  • Oceanographic Surveying & Environmental Monitoring

    Oceanographic Surveying & Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Impact Assessments are playing an ever increasing role in marine resource management, especially in the extractive and waste disposal industries. Local and national authorities and public and private industry are increasingly required to monitor impacts on the environment ranging from measuring discharge of pollutants into watercourses, contamination of sediments, interference with benthic processes, to alteration of flow patterns caused...

  • Route Surveys for Cables, Pipelines & Outfalls

    Route Surveys for Cables, Pipelines & Outfalls

    Prospective routes for river crossings, sea outfalls, cables and pipelines must be identified, studied and selected prior to construction. Monitoring of the progress should be continued during the operation and afterward to ensure its continued safe operation. Gathering such data at an early stage allows designs to accommodate seabed conditions, thus saving otherwise costly delays later in the project due to unforeseen ground conditions. Using a...

  • Sea Defences & Flood Protection Schemes

    Sea Defences & Flood Protection Schemes

    As our water margins are being developed for marinas, water sports, beach leisure and other pursuits, so demands upon coastal and river regions are increasing, and the work to preserve these areas has to be maintained. New European Directives require beach quality to be of a high standard for the general public. Sea walls, breakwaters revetments and groynes all seek to protect the coast from erosion and sediment transport and retain sand on our...