Cochrane & Associates, LLC

Cochrane & Associates, LLC

Cochrane & Associates was formed to assist the IAQ and environmental industries in reaching their marketing goals. Paul Cochrane, the founder of the company, has a proven track record within these industries and has helped regional companies realize their goals of national growth leading to their acquisition by international firms as well as helping startup companies jump start their brand to establish a national market position. Cochrane & Associates is positioned to leverage his experience and knowledge of growing these types of businesses to expand your company.

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9151 W. Quail Track Dr. , Peoria , Arizona 85383 USA
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Business Type:
Advertising agency
Industry Type:
Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

Through extensive experience in sales and account management to creating marketing & business development intiatives that have impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals,  Mr. Cochrane has learned first hand the interaction and relationship between sales and marketing and how the two functions can and should have an unbeatable synergistic relationship.

While many business consultants can analyze your company’s market position and growth plans, Cochrane & Associates can not only analyze your current position, but plan, implement, execute and maintain a unique strategic marketing initiative to advance your company and increase your profits.

Cochrane & Associates was founded with the goal of assisting companies with building brand awareness and increasing clients'  profits. Mr. Cochrane witnessed the need for these types of specialized business development and consulting services after spending numerous years in these industries as a senior level executive.

Mr. Cochrane’s most recent endeavor before starting Cochrane & Associates in early 2006 was as Vice President of Business Development for Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc.  Chromosomal Laboratories was opened in 2004 to perform DNA analyses for the forensic, paternity, and ancestry markets.  The company was able to transform itself in a little over two years from a start-up company to become the fastest growing private DNA laboratory in the United States.

Prior to participating in the startup of Chromosomal Laboratories, Mr. Cochrane was the Director of Marketing for Aerotech P&K, the largest commercial  indoor air quality laboratory in the world during that time.  Aerotech P&K came about after Aerotech Laboratories, Inc., was acquired by the Severn Trent Group of companies which had previously acquired P&K Microbiology Services, Inc.  As an affiliate of Severn Trent Laboratories, Inc., the world’s largest commercial environmental laboratory company, Aerotech P&K was the dominant commercial indoor air quality laboratory in the country.

Before Aerotech Laboratories was acquired, Mr. Cochrane was the Vice President of Business Development for the company.  He joined the company in late 1997 when fewer than 10 employees existed.  Through the use of strategic marketing initiatives he was able to help grow the company to over 330 employees in just 4 years.

Aerotech Laboratories was transformed from a local specialty laboratory to the largest commercial indoor air quality laboratory in the world with company divisions that specialized in not only indoor air quality, but also included environmental testing, hazardous waste testing, industrial hygiene testing, biological warfare agent testing, food microbiology, and one of the largest indoor air quality testing equipment distributors in the nation.  This company growth allowed the shareholders to recognize their goal of selling the company.

During his time as Vice President of Business Development at Aerotech Laboratories, Mr. Cochrane was also President of Biohazard Educational Productions, LLC.  Biohazard Educational Productions was a documentary production company that specialized in producing films dealing with important environmental issues.  Mr. Cochrane currently is a member of the National Advisory Board for the ACAC/American Indoor Air Quality Council and is a marketing committee member for the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Environmental Information Association (EIA).

Many business consulting firms can tell you what you should be doing, our big difference is we have actually done the things we recommend, and we can help you implement your plan to realize your goals.