CO.DI.TRA. S.r.l.

CO.DI.TRA. S.r.l.

CO.DI.TRA. S.r.l.

CO.DI.TRA was founded in 1983 for producing wear resistant parts for Cements Plants.Its founder Luigi Tiscornia , fort of his own long lasting experience and competence matured in important Italian and foreign siderurgical groups , worked to develop new types of steels suitable to be used in different fields where an ideal composition of wear resistance and toughness was demanded.

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via Lentino, 7 , Cerete (Bg) , 24020 Italy
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The main target of CO.DI.TRA consists in supplying to the Customer greater services leaving from the study of the problematics and customers’ exigencies. Thanks to the support of qualified staff our range of products includes the design and manufacture of products tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Fundamental is the control of the entire production process, starting from the raw materials obtained from ingots cast vacuum degassed complying with personal chemical analysis, the scrap used is selected and free from radioactivity, rolling mill process by primary Italian mill steel manufacturing plant, working with modern technologies and machineries as flame automatic cutting machines with CNC devices, machining centers with CNC devices and grinding machines managed with CAD-CAM systems, heat treatments 100% quality monitored by sophisticated instruments in furnaces of modern conception, final quality tests executed under the supervision of a metallurgist III° level of N.D.T.

Here are our strong points


A continuous innovation concurs to up-to-date our technologies aimed to improve the service to the customer, thanks to our know-how and flexibility we look to the future side by side to our best customers and suppliers, treasures for our company, guaranteeing continuity and availability.

To fulfil the requirements we put all our acquaintance in order to solve ad hoc the most varied  problems.

CO.DI.TRA srl is active  on the market since 1990 commercializing rolled steel plates for structural/engineering steels, tools steels, abrasion resistant steels. In 2000 at the light of the turn over increase  ADAMELLO STEEEL SPA was founded in Breno.

CO.DI.TRA is born in the 1983 in Nembro like an artisan familiar company  assets to local level.

Thanks to the acquired experience of Mr. Tiscornia Luigi in the different fields like foundry, steel mill plant, quality control and an aimed management, has increased the customers pocketbooks, the products line and the turn over rendering necessary the widening of the productive forces and the transfer in a new plant in Cerete Bergamo in the 1999.

In 1990 CO.DI.TRA SRL specialised in the rolling steel plates, the quality, point of force of the company has contributed to create one valid truth on the Italian market. Strong of the partnership of an Italian steel plant renowned for its integrated production cycle and decades of experience in the steel has been in the position to supply the customer, the advantage of being a single supplier with those of great flexibility providing valid and important technical assistance for research and development  of the steel and work cycles.

The relatively contained dimension of CO.DI.TRA has moreover allowed a great flexibility and a production carried out in compliance with high quality standards.

The steels proposed on the market have elevated degree of purity, uniform structure, high wear resistance, toughness and ductility.

In 2000, to boost the production capacity CO.DI.TRA  brought steel plates production toBreno at ADAMELLO STEEL SPA, that exclusively works, in medium high alloy steel plates.

Using the long lasting experience we look to the crushing and recycling fields.

CO.DI.TRA given the key importance to quality and safety assurance, carefully monitored and backed up by severe checking and testing programmes  during and at the end of each processing phases.

CO.DI.TRA diligently follows developments in Italian and international standards regarding quality, environments safety and keeps its own system  constantly up-to-dated.

The Company works of fact in compliance with a system of quality guarantee, it is our target to obtain shortly the necessary certifications.


The products we manufacture are widely used in grinding and crushing of bulk material for the fabrication of concrete, they are obtained from steel plates medium high alloy steel vacuum degassed. The selected material allows to guarantee a perfect combination of wear resistance and toughness..

The production includes:

  • study and development of special steel to comply with customer’s exigencies
  • relieves in native place with inner qualified staff and tailored designs
  • Efficiency and speed in preparing the material aimed to avoid warehouse by the customer
  • No demand for patterns  (as for cast), the products are oxy-cut and precisely manufactured to size on CNC  machines which guarantee smallest tolerances and correspondence to the original drawing and specifications.

Our products are:

  • slotted and backside plates in different thickness
  • bars for grates
  • hammers
  • wheels for bridge cranes
  • wear resistant plates for mills
  • particular according to customer’s drawing in wear resistant steel
  • shafts and rotor disks


To the light of the requirements of a echo-compatible development and above all in the re-use of the waste as raw material in the production process, the bases for the birth of numerous companies

CO.DI.TRA  supplies medium high alloy steels obtained from ingots vacuum degassed and properly studied for the most important shredder wear parts.

  • Blades and accessories for shredder machines:
    Used tyres/plastic/rubber
    Wood and pallets
    Electronic/electric cables
    Industrial and urban waste
  • Spacers and hooked scrapers
  • Rotor shafts
  • Rotor Disks
  • Hammers for mills


CO.DI.TRA produces wear parts for metal recycling and crushing industries.
Our production is:

  • Hammers
  • Rotor long-life caps
  • Rotor disks
  • Spare wear parts in different thickness


COD.I.TRA taking advantages of co-operation with important steel and mill plants is able to offer different types of steel , furthermore having modern oxygen cutting machines  and heat treatment furnaces can third- party supply part according to customer’ s drawing  up to 600mm. Thickness.

Every particular made to design is supplied heat treated to match any requirements and mechanical characteristics.