Manufacturing of intelligent separation and sorting technology for the recovery of metals and purification of inert materials is specialization of Cogelme. Creation of greater benefit for the client and finding the best pay-off on the investment made Cogelme an important reference point for local and international recyclers. Intelligent range of EDDY CURRENT & MAGNETIC SEPARATORS enables to achieve high yields of separated ferrous, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and purified, thus more valuable inert materials: Eddy Current Separators, Sensor Sorters, Overbelt Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Drums, Magnetic Pulleys, High Grading Magnetic Drums, Magnetic Plates, Magnetic Bars. Cogelme GLASS CRUSHER is Europe’s first choice among installations. It guarantees for you: adjustable glass crushing dimensions, low operational costs (70% less than hammer mills), no powder emission. It is the optimal solution for glass bottles and jars crushing, food and beverages containers destruction.

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S.S. per Genova / Via Postumia , Tortona , Alessandria 15057 Italy

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Having its roots in the mechanical and technology sector since 
1960, the COGELME company bases its activity on the 100% 
manufactured-in-Italy excellence, using innovative technology 
and premium quality components while maintaining, at the 
same time, the values of the high quality artisan tradition.
To help implement clients’ individual ideas and set up unique 
recycling installations, COGELME collaborates with highly 
specialised professionals developing together completely 
customized solutions.
Close collaboration with recyclers and a next-generation 
approach to create excellence has proven results with hundreds 
of COGELME recycling machines installed worldwide in 32 
countries, and long-term relationships with the clients.