Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Cole-Parmer has been a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. We are proven experts in the fields of temperature measurement and control, electrochemistry, and fluid handling. Our products are sold throughout the world through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers. In addition to our portfolio of industry-leading brands and private-label products, Cole-Parmer is renowned for offering exceptional service and technical support. Along with our highly responsive customer service, Cole-Parmer features an ISO-17025-accredited metrology lab for instrument calibration and repair and the BioConnect® program for single-use custom assemblies. Customers also rely on our team of trained and experienced application specialists for help in selecting the right product for their application, troubleshooting existing equipment, and solving regulatory compliance issues.

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625 East Bunker Court , Vernon Hills , 60061 IL USA


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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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When partners Jerry Cole and John Parmer founded Cole-Parmer in 1955, they were businessmen on a mission. They had no budget for personal salaries; no budget to hire additional employees. Instead, the pair poured their money into catalog advertising and inventory, and took up shop in a 1,200-square-foot loft on West Illinois Street in downtown Chicago. The two founders had a strategy so perfect in its simplicity they were certain they could not fail to form a company dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and technical assistance while offering the broadest selection of products available.

The company's steady growth allowed Cole-Parmer to expand to a 12,000-square-foot location in 1960, and to a 47,000-square-foot facility eight years later. That same year, Cole-Parmer purchased Barnant Company makers of world-renowned Masterflex® peristaltic pumps which was followed by the purchases of Gilmont® Instruments and Manostat® Pumps. Each acquisition was an effort to improve upon the selection of products offered to customers and to provide the ability to directly fill orders at reasonable prices.

In 1972, the company sought to better service its overseas customers by forming an International Division that today includes more than 80 international dealers in more than 160 markets. This was followed by the establishment in 1989 of Labcor Ltd. (now Cole-Parmer Canada Company) in Montreal, and later, Cole-Parmer U.K. in London, and Cole-Parmer India in Mumbai.

The strategy devised by Cole and Parmer decades ago lives on. It is the heart of the Cole-Parmer mission statement and the reason Cole-Parmer remains a thriving, ever-expanding entity dedicated to customer service. Today, Cole-Parmer ensures prompt delivery to customers through a state-of-the-art, 155,000-square-foot distribution center at its Vernon Hills, Illinois location. It has a thriving Web presence serving customers worldwide, and continues to expand in the global market.

Truly, the history of Cole-Parmer is a continuing success story. Cole-Parmer continues to depend upon our customers for support. In turn, customers know they can depend upon Cole-Parmer for unique products, exceptional service, and technical support.


“Foremost in the minds of the scientific and engineering communities”


To excel as a premier global supplier of unique products and services meeting the needs of the scientific and engineering communities by offering expert technical assistance and exceptional customer service.

Organization Values...

With our customers...

Customer Centric
Our decisions revolve around their impact on our customers and our desire to make it easier to do business with Cole-Parmer. We will support the customer with a sense of urgency. Our customers won’t wait for an answer!

Customer Support
Before, during, and after the sale. Appreciate the lifetime value of the customer, and the long term impact of a single transaction or activity.

Continuous Improvement thru Innovation & Creativity
We must get better every day — our competition is! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — take chances for the customer.

Be Agile!
Our market and our customers require us to change constantly to remain ahead of our competition. Welcome change!

With each other...

Employee Engagement
Act as if you own the company and treat company resources as if they were your own. Celebrate success, and attack each new problem with a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

We can achieve far more by working together than by going it alone.

Learning & Growth
Maintain an environment of continuous learning, fostering personal and professional growth.

As we conduct business...

Openness, honesty, and a strong code of ethics. Strict compliance with all regulatory and legal obligations.

Respectful treatment of, and responsiveness to, all co-workers and customers, including maintaining and productive work environment.

Communication in All Directions
Executive accessibility, honest two-way communication, no surprises, and no silos!

Cole-Parmer is rolling out new plans daily to provide environmentally friendly solutions for our customers. We have taken many steps to upgrade our warehouse with new eco-friendly materials to reduce waste and conserve energy. Below are some of the improvements we have put in place to help reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Eco-friendly Shipping Materials— Biodegradable SUPER 8® loosefill packing peanuts made from all recycled materials—read more about our 'green' packing peanuts (PDF)
  • Eco-friendly Packaging— 100% recycled packaging paper, plastic pallets and pallet runners, edge protectors, and more.
  • Recycling—All qualifying packaging materials shipped into our warehouse are reused or recycled
  • Reduced Energy Consumption—Cole-Parmer has installed high-efficiency fluorescent lighting throughout our warehouse

Check back to this page periodically to see our latest 'green' developments.

Keep it growing! We encourage you to recycle and reuse the packing materials—cardboard, paper tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.—you receive in your shipment. Together, doing this simple activity, we can work to create a cleaner and safer planet.