COLOGY purifier use Electrostatic Precipitator to collect the airborne aprticles , special for the 0.01 um airborne particles which damage people’s health seriously. It is far difference from other general brand’s purifier which just remove the airborne particles 0.3um, even they are 98% effective at removing particles. 1. Our collection cells (pre-filters) destroy the growing environment of mould , mold spores and airborne particles to remove them under the 12000 voltage in a flashy luster. It is effective to collect and remove these ultra-fine particles, viruses or germs per moving in circles, then the particles stick to the positive plates until they are collected. Finally the harmful pollutants stay on the plates and the clean air comes out of the precipitator. 2. The power-consuming of CLOLGY electronic air cleaner is 61Watt , it saves 3 times energy cost than general brand with 180 Watt . 3. With dainty antirust power coating appearance, it will

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