Colorado Water Well Drillers Association (CWWCA)

Colorado Water Well Drillers Association (CWWCA)

Colorado Water Well Drillers Association (CWWCA)

The objectives of the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association are to assist, promote, encourage, and support the interests and welfare of the Water Well Industry in all its phases generally, and in particular within Colorado; To foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research and techniques in order to improve methods of well construction and development, and to advance the science of ground water hydrology.

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4340 East Kentucky Ave, Unit #421 , Glendale , Colorado 80246 USA
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Professional association
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Soil and Groundwater
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Nationally (across the country)
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To promote harmony and cooperation between well contractors and governmental and scientific agencies relative to the proper development and protection of underground water supplies;

To encourage cooperation of all interested groups relative to the improvement of drilling and pumping equipment; to encourage, serve, assist and promote close cooperation with the National Ground Water Association;

To collect, analyze and disseminate to the public, facts about the role of the water well industry in the economy of Colorado and the nation; and to advance generally the mutual interests of all these engaged in the water well industry, in their own and the public interest.

The Colorado Water Well Contractors Association is a Nonprofit Corporation. CWWCA Certificate

Members of the water well industry formed the Colorado Water Well Drillers Association in 1931 to seek better water conditions and encourage the growth of the state's ground water industry. Early success brought new members to the association and in 1968 the name was changed to the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association, to more adequately define the scope of the association\'s work.

The forefathers of the organization were Ross Oliver, E.D. Chandler, and W.E. Code. These men worked with other members to achieve its goals of better communication, fraternity among the members, and legislative activity. Today\'s officers feel this work is continuing.

Numerous association activities have centered on legislation. The CWWCA has been instrumental in opposing attempts to restrict the opportunity of property owners to develop their ground water resources. The Association gained an exemption for water well drilling equipment from the State's ton-mile tax, a legislative milestone.

In addition to their legislative efforts, the CWWCA promotes fraternity and professionalism through their advertising, conventions, seminars, and newsletters. The Drillstem, a monthly newsletter, was instituted in 1971 to keep members abreast of activities across the state.

CWWCA is an affiliate member of the National Ground Water Association. Persons in the ground water industry may belong to both the Colorado association and the national association, or they may belong to only their state association or only to the national association. CWWCA's status as an affiliate member of NGWA allows the state organization to take advantage of many services available through the national office such as printing and invoicing, assistance with legislative problems and convention planning, plus reduced fees for national speakers.

PURPOSE OF THE ASSOCIATION: To form a unit whose strength and abilities exceed that of individual members.

  • Be aware of actions by the Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors through the CWWCA Liaison reports.
  • Receive updates, and representation, on legislative actions that effect ground water professionals through the CWWCA’s Lobbyist and Legislative Committee reports.
  • Participate in CWWCA’s scholarships.
  • Receive information from NGWA through CWWCA, which is an Affiliate State Organization.
  • Learn new methods, see new products and gain continuing education hours by attending our Annual and Mid-Year Conferences at member rates.
  • Stay informed by receiving the quarterly Association newsletter, The Drillstem.
  • Take advantage of the leadership opportunities within the Association to promote and protect the interests of the industry.
  • Form personal contacts which will provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.
  • Develop and encourage high standards of professional practice within our industry.