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Colt Refining & Recycling

Colt Refining, Inc (CRI) has over 30 years experience, active ownership and a corporate philosophy dedicated to the fundamental values of integrity, quality, and client satisfaction. Our management has pledged to maintain the company`s leadership in the precious metals recycling industry, while broadening the scope of services it offers to its clients worldwide.

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6 Hampshire Drive , Hudson , NY 03051 USA
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Service provider
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Electronics and Computers
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Globally (various continents)

We have the knowledge, capability and structure to handle all types of manufacturing waste. Therefore, by providing high quality service with the highest recovery rates in an environmentally safe manner, it enables large corporations to partner with us as the single source for their recycling needs.

Our flexibility, attention to detail, and commitment to quality service is unmatched in the industry. Leading industrial companies throughout the United States-including many within the Fortune 500 rely on CRI to efficiently and cost-effectively process their materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium.

Our professional approach to the management of our clients' precious metal waste allows them to spend more time focusing on their business needs and less time concerned about their recycling program.

Thank you for your interest in CRI. We look forward to serving your immediate needs and building a lasting partnership for the future.

Colt Recycling’s headquarters is located in a secure 75,000 square foot facility in Hudson New Hampshire. Our facility is equipped to safeguard our people and the environment. Our unique processing system selectively dismantles E-Scrap, introducing sub-assemblies into our custom designed shred and separation equipment. The by-products from the system are reduced to ½ inch sized particles that are used as raw material feedstock supplied to various aluminum mills, copper mills, smelters or our Merrimack refining operations.

Our asset recovery services compliment our recycling capabilities. Equipment received for asset recovery flows through a process of bar code tracking, inventory, testing, and remarketing. This can include component level and/or complete systems. Products that are not re-marketable are reintroduced into our recycling system.

Colt recognizes its responsibility to protect our customer’s materials as it flows through our processing systems. Our facility is secured using an extensive network of keycard card access, high-resolution surveillance cameras, metal detection scanners, and a full-time security officer to ensure our customers' materials are safe and secure.

CRI's headquarters is located in a 50,000 square foot secure facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire. In addition to our refinery and assay laboratory, the facility houses our corporate, sales, marketing and customer care operations.

Our facility, equipped to safeguard our people and the environment, include balers, ball mills, hammer mills, granulators, sifters, blenders, processing ovens, melting furnaces interfaced with after-burners, baghouses and dust collectors.

Our facility also has the ability to chemically strip precious metals from substrates through the use of three strip lines with rotary cages.

We recognize our responsibility to protect our customers' precious metal scrap as it flows through the refining circuit. Multiple weighing control points ensure proper accountability. Access is restricted within building and grounds using high security technology. An extensive network of internal and external surveillance cameras and alarm systems ensure maximum security.

At CRI we understand the importance of making all our processes available for inspection by our customers. We have a safe and secure environment where customers can represent their shipments throughout every step of the sampling and refining process. We welcome you to come by and visit with us so that you can see first-hand how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Our ultramodern assay laboratory ensures the highest quality of analysis. Our chemists and technicians employ combinations of traditional fire assay, wet chemical analysis, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, and other sophisticated instrumentation techniques to determine precise precious metal content. While CRI is a recognized leader in the recovery of gold and silver, we also are widely known for our expertise in the recovery of platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

The Company is committed to the highest standards of quality. Our goal is to meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers and assure them of an accurate, efficient and economical recycling service. We continuously review our operations and manage them to assure a continuous improvement of our quality effectiveness.

It is the policy of Colt to operate its business as a sound environmental corporate citizen in compliance with ISO 14001: 2004 and to maintain a health & safety program conforming to the best practices within the scrap recycling industry, per R2. Our goal is to ensure the covered facilities and operations are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental standards, and to continually improve the overall system. We believe that balance can and should be sustained between environmental, safety and health goals and the facility’s economic health. We intend to be a leader in responsible management throughout our industry. The EH&S management system will define objectives and targets for the prevention and reduction of pollution associated with recycling and related processes, to safeguard against adverse impact on the environment, and to protect worker wellness. This requires each Colt Recycling employee to participate in and accept responsibility for achieving the following objectives: :

  • Operate in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Minimize or eliminate waste generation and emissions released to air, water & land including specific hazardous materials
  • Protect the environment through the promotion of efficient recycling & reuse practices
  • Identify and eliminate or minimize workplace hazards to the greatest extent possible
  • Respect and preserve worker health and safety

In compliance with R2, Colt’s practices are based on reuse, recover and disposal of end of life electronics equipment, and covers materials management on-site and throughout the recycling chain. This policy will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our Environmental Health & Safety management system.