Combustion Solutions GmbH (CS)

Combustion Solutions GmbH (CS) is a team of senior specialists dedicated to dependability and innovation the field of combustion technology. CS is a member of the Unitherm-Cemcon Group, which is successfully constructing burners, kilns- and furnaces. CS can rely on Unitherm’s recourses and experience in boiler and rotary kiln burner construction. The CS COMBUSTION SOLUTIONS team has over 20 year of experience in engineering, supplying and commissioning of vertical and horizontal burners and combustors for: sulphur, spent acid and acid gas. Waste gas and waste air. Waste water. Hazardous and special waste liquids. Pasty waste fluids.

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Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 24 , Vienna , A-1110 A-1110 Austria

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Basing on our roots from Unitherm Chemcon we have been involved in firing technology for more than 70 years and are today internationally respected experts in this field. As specialists we plan, develop and produce burners and system solutions for industrial thermal processes.

We see ourselves as company whose success derives to a great extent from the know-how, competence and commitment of its employees. Supporting our employees and offering them a trendsetting and attractive working environment in which they can make optimum use of their skills is part of our cooperate mission.

At CS we always aim to exceed our customers' expectations of delivery.

This includes the conduct of our personnel, the delivery of our promises, the performance of our products,the accuracy and presentation of documentation and the provision of aftersales support.

All of the CS businesses have Quality Management Systems in place that comply with the ISO 9001 standard and have been duly accredited by TÜV AUSTRIA.

These systems help provide procedures and process controls to assure quality in the delivery of our products and services, thereby meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We also use feedback from customers to help improve products and processes and seek to be innovative in the development of our products.


Partnership alliances that make us stronger.

CS has also forged strong alliances with the providers of auxiliary equipment, and we are a prime international supplier for equipment used within several licensed processes.This puts us in a good position to help you achieve the best possible solution for your company.

Whether you need one piece of equipment or a complete unit, a complete turn-key solution or a partner to fully manage your projectfrom the initial concept through to start-up, the knowledge and technical expertise of CS and its partners can provide a truly tailor-made solution.


Innovation for new and existing Scenarios

CS unique approach to the combustion process starts with the high-intensity mixing technology that forms the basis of all our process burners. Examples include extremely efficient process burners. The mixing characteristics of our burners and chambers result in their extreme reliability, and allow you to achieve the lowest possible emissions. At the same time, our incineration processes have introduced many unique innovations that have led to increasingly economical designs.

In whatever process you apply our technology, the result will be objective advantages from both operational and cost perspectives:

  • Low emissions
  • Excellent flame stability
  • High turn-down ratios
  • The ability to deal with
  • upstream upset conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Energy cost savings