ComEnCo Systems Inc.

ComEnCo Systems Inc.

ComEnCo Systems Inc.

ComEnCo Systems, Inc. was founded by Raymond Hsu who serves as the President of the company and is headquartered in Canada and China. ComEnCo stands for combustion, environmental and control systems which are the initial products the company offers. With a highly dedicated team of customer focused professionals and many years of expertise in design, manufacturing and commissioning of custom design industrial process and HVAC equipment, ComEnCo has successful presence in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, France, Belgium, Syria, India, China, Korea, Indonesia and Australia which makes ComEnCo a globally recognized company.

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44 East Beaver Creek, Unit #7 , Richmond Hill , ON L4B 1G8 Canada
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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ComEnCo offers superior quality and advance technology by in-house Engineers. Our dedicated working team perseveres to provide reliable equipment. Our in-house service technicians supply fast and on time start up services for our equipment. ComEnCo’s strong R&D continually looks for new cutting edge designs and technology for new products.

ComEnCo is a multi million dollar company that has been involved in smaller projects up to 100 million plus dollar projects. ComEnCo is dedicated to manufacturing top quality products and serving the global market.

ComEnCo Systems, Inc. oversees the custom design of all products. Custom designs provide engineering and system integration service according to customer application and meeting standard industrial codes. Each application can be unique and require special engineering. ComEnCo engineering group will understand the requirements of each application and come up with a custom engineering solution. Our experiences accumulate over many applications allowing us to offer the best engineering solution to meet customer’s needs. ComEnCo is familiar with standard industrial code requirements and experience in obtaining approvals from local authorities. We also stay alert to environmental awareness making sure engineered systems achieve optimal energy efficiency.

These capabilities also create advantages for our company. ComEnCo can develop engineering solutions and products to fit customer requirements. Un-expected problems can be minimized during the commissioning of equipment and systems.

ComenCo Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and installs customized process heat and air pollution control systems at competitive prices that meet the most stringent environmental standards. ComenCo’s in-house Research and Development facilities enable them to offer heat recovery and pollution abatement solutions that integrate technical innovation with optimal design.

ComenCo manufactures process heating and pollution control systems for industries where high heating temperatures are generated as part of the industrial process. Clients have included manufacturers from the following industries:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Steel Coil Coating Industry
  • Ethanol Industry
  • Process Heating Industry
  • Environmental Industry

ComenCo incorporates custom design with engineering and system integration tailored to customer specifications, and in compliance with standard industrial codes, including NFPA, FM, CSA, UL, CE, and AGA. ComenCo offers a range of products including:

  • Low emission Air Heaters
  • Automotive Paint Curing Oven heaters and coolers
  • Automotive Paint Shop Air Supply House / Air Make Up Unit
  • Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers (including RTO and RCO units)
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Coil coating Oven and Ventilation Systems

In-house Research and Development facilities enable ComenCo to design and manufacture innovative equipment that incorporates new technologies that improve efficiencies and reduce emissions. Computer-assisted analysis helps to optimize the creation of flow and heat transfer design.

ComEnCo Systems Inc. is a Sales and Engineering company dedicated to research and development. They produce custom and standard designed industrial products to meet the specific requirements of their customers. ComenCo is one of the few Heat Exchange and Pollution Control Equipment manufacturers to maintain a Research and Development (R & D) facility on-site at its manufacturing headquarters.

Access to in-house R & D allows ComenCo’s technicians and engineers to incorporate new technologies into the manufacture and design of our equipment, as well as to assist us in our mission to continuously improve energy efficiencies while reducing exhaust emissions.

Benefits of On-Site Research and Development Facility:

  • Pilot test prototypes,
  • Incorporate cutting edge technology
  • Experiment with innovative designs and equipment
  • Continuously introduce equipment and processes enabling their clients to optimize energy efficiencies and reduce emissions.

This in-house Research and Development capability enables ComenCo to test their ideas on-site, allowing for more flexibility in designing custom applications, more variety in the range of products and services offered, and continuous incorporation of new technologies.