Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc.

Communication Arts Multimedia, Inc.

Communication Arts is an award-winning electronic/print media producer. The company has provided electronic media projects for museums and businesses for over 20 years. These include touchscreen interactive displays, video/audio playbacks, multimedia digital theater experiences and the usual variety of high definition video productions.

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1618 Williams Drive #5 , Georgetown , Texas 78628 USA
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Business Type:
Training provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

Owner, Eugene Vasconi holds a Bachelors of Music degree from the Dana School of Music - Youngstown State University, Ohio and a Master of Arts in Communication from Kent State University, Ohio. He has either attended or taught television production workshops from Hollywood and on east. He is a published music composer, author, commercial helicopter pilot, and active musician. In addition to his creative endeavors, he is an active national speaker at colleges and corporations in the area of improving personal and business communication and image. With extensive expertise in both media and business ownership, Gene homes in on what entrepreneurs, salespersons, and students need to know to survive in today's business environment. His latest book entitled 'Say What? Do You Know What You Are Communicating?' is rapidly becoming a big hit among businesspersons. Gene's speaking presentations draw directly from some of the content of the book. You may contact him directly at his speaking site at

All projects produced by Communication Arts are under the direct creative control of Gene with the company's associates used as necessary to provide services the company cannot directly offer. These associates offer such services as print media production, on-camera talent, specialized shooting, celebrity searches, custom music track creation, and replication/duplication services. All associates have been partners with Communication Arts for many years and their performance is covered as well by our 100% guarantee.

SMALL BUT POWERFUL: We made the decision over fifteen years ago to remain small, super-creative, and price-effective. This enables us to be intimately and quickly responsive to our clients. That decision has always been appreciated by those with whom we have worked across the United States and Canada. We know it will for you as well.