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Comply Direct Ltd

Comply Direct are an expert independent provider of specialist environmental services including Energy Management, Carbon Services and Environmental Compliance. Comply Direct are inspired by the vision of always finding a better way and are driven to acheive economic growth and to deliver both commercial and environmental benefits to all customers. Since formation in 2006, Comply Direct have built up a portfolio of over 800 loyal scheme members and offer a wide range of low cost, innovative and integrated services for compliance, recycling and energy and carbon management. Comply Direct employees pride themselves on commitment to their customers and continually offer the highest quality level of service and support at the lowest possible cost. Comply Direct services can be tailored specifically to suit any business, therefore providing enhanced levels of support and greater cost saving opportunities.

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Bracewell House, Broughton Hall , Skipton , North Yorkshire BD23 3AG United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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Nationally (across the country)
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Comply Direct has been established to address the recognised need for one single organisation which can offer truly integrated producer compliance, waste material recycling and carbon management solutions to a demanding and ever changing market.

Our specialist expertise and experience in each service area, enables the provision of integrated solutions at the lowest possible cost. This is underpinned by the global expertise of our partners at the Uniserve Group who are experts in their field of global logistics and freight. 

Whether providing packaging compliance, WEEE compliance, batteries compliance, carbon/energy management or diverting packaging waste recyclables from landfill, we are focused on providing high levels of service and generating value for our customers and suppliers. Our commitment to ongoing investment in technology, the sharing of best practice and the development of new and dynamic approaches, creates many cost-benefits that are then passed on to the customer.

We have been able to build a strong team on the carbon management front and we now offer a diverse range of carbon/energy related consultancy services from simple carbon footprints, to carbon offsetting, to devising CSR policy, to energy management systems, to CRC Energy Efficiency support and guidance, to carbon trading and so on. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our carbon management services whether it be to meet your legal obligations under The CRC  Energy Efficiency Scheme or whether it be on the voluntary carbon management front then we can benefit your business.

We are experts in the fields of WEEE recycling, WEEE compliance, packaging compliance, batteries recycling, batteries compliance, cardboard recycling, plastics recycling, CRC energy efficiency compliance plus carbon and energy management.

Are you compliant?
If your company is obligated as a producer under such legislation then you must comply or face prosecution. If you need to comply with the WEEE regulations, packaging regulations, batteries regulations or The CRC Efficiency Scheme then do not hesitate to get in touch.

How we can help
Businesses who are obligated under UK producer responsibility legislation such as the packaging regulations, WEEE regulations and batteries regulations need support to reduce the complexity of such legislation. Comply Direct is a UK government approved producer compliance scheme who takes on the legal obligation of its members in a hassle free and low cost manner. WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the related legislation came in to force in 2007. The UK Batteries Regulations fully came into force in 2010. The UK government introduced the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations in 1997.


Our Promise
We at Comply Direct believe that we will only continue to be successful if we treat every member with the utmost respect and if we focus on exceeding their individual needs and expectations. Members are of great importance and we will adopt an ethical approach with not only each and every member but also when dealing with other companies and institutions. As a valued member you can be assured that we will act in your interest at all times. To this end we pledge the following:

Technical Knowledge
As a company with considerable experience in producer responsibility legislation we will take the time to make sure that you, our member, is aware of your obligations under various environmental legislation and that we keep you up to date with any forthcoming related environmental legislation.

Competitive Prices
We promise to focus on keeping our overheads to a minimum and to bring a commercial approach to meeting your obligations that result in ongoing competitive compliance costs year after year. We will continue to benchmark our fees with our competition and we will continue to aim towards being the lowest cost UK compliance scheme whilst remaining secure, dependable and able to offer outstanding support to members.

Hassle Free Approach
We will ensure that all member interaction with Comply Direct is as smooth, efficient and as hassle free as possible. This means our online systems will be second to none in our sector. We will make sure that we translate often complex legislation into simple to understand knowledge bank documents.

Support and Guidance
We aim to provide all members with high levels of support and guidance at every stage of their dealings with Comply Direct. Such support will include numerous knowledge bank documents, dedicated account management documents, live website chat facilities, e-bulletins, webinars, and seminars and so on.

Member Retention
For us, our relationship with our members is everything. We will do everything we can to retain our members and seek long term relationships with all members so that we can add more and more value the more we understand our member needs.

Flexibility and Innovative Approach
We will continue to listen to the feedback from our members and adapt our services in order to meet member ongoing requirements. This includes seeking to offer additional innovative and member value added services.

Important feedback
At Comply Direct we do everything we can to make sure our members get the best possible service. However, sometimes, we might not get things right first time. Tell us, and we'll do our very best to put it right.

Complaints procedure
We aim to solve your concern right away. However, if we have not been able to resolve your complaint then we will write to inform you who is handling the complaint and when we will contact you again to provide a further update. We adhere to the ISO9001 Quality Standard and we will also subsequently advise you of any follow up correction actions that have been implemented. We will then monitor future service performance to ensure you are fully satisfied.


For Comply Direct to continue to thrive as a leading compliance business in the UK, our team have created a company vision statement that reflects our purpose as a company and gives us direction as to where we want to be in the future and what we want to ultimately achieve.

'Comply Direct consistently delivers both environmental and commercial benefits inspired by always finding a better way.'


Comply Direct began life at the start of 2006 offering packaging compliance to obligated producers who wanted clear guidance on complex producer responsibility legislation. 

From the outset, Comply Direct has been committed to meeting the obligations of its members as well as exceeding customer service expectations.

We make compliance as hassle free as possible for our members and ensure that they gain an advantage over their competitors through the delivery of low cost compliance, year after year. 

Our strong commercial approach has enabled Comply Direct to experience considerable growth and we now meet the compliance needs of over 700 obligated producers. Our portfolio of members includes SMEs and global blue-chip companies. The common theme is that we do not lose members once we have them onboard.

Our range of services in addition to packaging compliance now includes WEEE compliance, batteries compliance, carbon consultancy services, materials recycling and materials recycling equipment.


Comply Direct benefits from having the financial backing and management expertise of the Uniserve Group by having Iain Liddell, the 100% owner of the Uniserve Group, as a Director as well as a key shareholder.

Iain set up Uniserve back in 1984 taking it to be the largest British privately owned international freight and logistics company in the UK. The Uniserve Group are experts in all major trade markets but particularly specialists in Europe, China, South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.

In addition to the management and financial support of the £200+ million turnover of Uniserve Group, Comply Direct benefit from Uniserve promoting its services directly to their large customer base and equally Comply Direct from being able to offer attractive freight and logistics services to its own producer members.


Online compliance scheme

Our online systems are designed to have a real positive impact on our compliance members. Our member account areas are innovative, uncluttered, simple to navigate and ultimately add value.

Our online systems allow our members to access cost calculators, update their own details, browse and download previous data submissions, check invoices and maximise performance points that reduce cost of membership further.

Data submissions could not be simpler and members benefit from online verification checks that help them submit data that is deemed to be as accurate as reasonably possible.


Low cost compliance

Comply Direct is ambitious and is keen to continue along its current growth curve.  However, the management team is fully aware that in order to sustain such growth it has to continue to deliver on cost.

We aim to be the lowest cost compliance scheme in the UK and truly believe we have consistently achieved this since our formation.

We are constantly monitoring our competition to ensure we are delivering our promise of being the lowest cost compliance scheme in the UK. We have never lost a member on cost or service grounds but have attracted over 700 members since 2006.

We have an intense focus on commercial efficiency via our procurement strategies, overhead management and via our contracts and relationships with recycling partners and logistics companies.

We strongly encourage you to become a registered user and undertake a simple online cost comparison as we are confident the savings your company can achieve make a compliance scheme switch worthwhile.

Packaging, WEEE, Batteries, Carbon, Energy, Materials

Comply Direct has a comprehensive range of compliance services on offer under various producer responsibility legislation including the packaging waste regulations, the WEEE regulations, the batteries and accumulator regulations and the CRC.

In addition, Comply Direct can handle business end-user WEEE collections, packaging waste materials recycling and machinery supply. 

Members benefit financially from registering with Comply Direct for more than one compliance service and given the comprehensive range of services available, members have reduced administration from having one company serve all their requirements.

Performance points
We reward our members with points that can be redeemed against compliance costs.

Our performance points programme has been introduced to reward members that behave in a manner that saves Comply Direct costs. We pass these cost savings directly onto our members through the allocation of performance points.

Performance points can be earned in various ways, including paying fees on-time, submitting data on-time, length of membership, referring another company to Comply Direct and multi-scheme membership.


Approved compliance scheme

  • As a government approved compliance scheme, Comply Direct takes over the legal obligations of its members providing them with peace of mind.
  • We currently offer compliance membership across WEEE, packaging and batteries as well as our carbon management and waste materials services.
  • This protects our members from legal prosecution due to non-compliance.

Producer responsibility legislation
Producer Responsibility Legislation is becoming the increasing norm as far as new legislation is concerned. Such legislation holds producers responsible for the impact of their products at the end of their useful life.

In essence, manufacturers are made accountable for the sound environmental design, safe and efficient operation and for proper clean recycling of their products. It puts the responsibility for dealing with the environmental impacts of products on the shoulders of those in the best position to do something about it.

Fortunately, much producer responsibility legislation allows for a compliance scheme to take on the legal obligation of its members and handle the whole ordeal that obligated producers face.


Comply Direct has achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation through a commitment to continually improving its quality management system and monitoring its objectives through quarterly management review meetings to ensure the requirements of the quality standard are met.

Comply Direct is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction as per our company vision statement - ''Comply Direct consistently delivers both environmental and commercial benefits inspired by always finding a better way.'' - by delivering compliance services that consistently meet customer expectations we strive to continuously improve the performance of our quality system, business performance and value of our compliance services through innovation and technological excellence. 

We ensure that our quality management system continues to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by regularly monitoring its objectives through quarterly team reviews.

Using ISO 9001 guidance as a starting point, the Comply Direct team have developed the highest standard of business practices across the UK’s entire waste compliance system. The standards extend beyond communications and building relationships with our members, out to the Comply Direct partner companies, AATFs, recycling facilities, reprocessors and exporters – through whom we are able to negotiate the lowest prices and offer the most cost effective service while keeping the risk of non-compliance at an all-time low.

Comply Direct has a number of quality objectives which are reviewed on a quarterly basis and they are as follows:

  • To ensure the quality standard ISO 9001 is met and ongoing approval is achieved
  • To ensure completion of internal audits in line with the scheduled audit plan
  • To meet internal set targets relating to customer complaints, internal non-conformances and set targets relating to the implementation of corrective actions
  • To meet internal set targets related to the recovery of company overdue monies
  • To ensure all obligations as a government approved producer responsibility legal compliance scheme are met for all legislation to the full satisfaction of the regulator to ensure members are 100% compliant (Environment Agency)
  • To ensure all obligations as a government approved producer responsibility legal compliance scheme are met for all legislation to the full satisfaction of the regulator (Environment Agency) resulting in continued approval as a compliance scheme
  • To ensure internal set targets relating to compliance membership retention are met
  • To ensure internal set targets relating to compliance membership recruitment are met
  • To ensure internal set targets relating to customer satisfaction are met

Comply Direct communicate the policy to all scheme members, staff, major suppliers and sub-contractors and recycling partners by sharing this dedicated page and we display the quality management system on all notice boards throughout both our Manchester and Skipton offices.


CSR and brand reputation
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) covers such a complex range of compliance issues for organisations that it's easy for issues to slip through unnoticed only to cause devastating impact on a brand's reputation and trust.

Therefore, the success of CSR in a company should be measured against the impact on their overall brand reputation. Companies need to be committed to CSR. CSR builds shareholder value, helps attract new talent to the company, creates brand value and makes a difference overall.

CSR refers to the practise of conducting business in a manner which links it to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and most importantly, respect for people, communities and the environment.

Comply Direct enables companies obligated under environmental legislation to have peace of mind that their brand will be protected and that their legal obligation will be met. Comply Direct can also provide high level consultancy for companies seeking to build their CSR strategies and ensure they are widely marketed to their target audiences.