Computational Hydraulics Int. (CHI) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in urban and natural systems drainage management. Our mission is to bring about better ecosystems and environmental planning, design, construction and management of urban drainage systems, by developing, distributing and supporting the best possible modeling software. We believe that the quality of life is highly dependent on the quality of the local water environment, and we price our products to reach the widest possible user community. Thus we are particularly concerned about those areas where the drainage environment might be impaired. If you are aware of a problem where we can assist, please be in contact - you will find us to be dedicated and concerned co-operators.

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147 Wyndham Street, Suite 202 , Guelph , Ontario N1H 4E9 Canada

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater - Water Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)
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Since 1978, Computational Hydraulics International (CHI) has developed, marketed and supported technically advanced, professional software systems for stormwater management, wastewater and watershed modeling. PCSWMM, our main software offering, has been the trusted spatial decision support system for US EPA SWMM for over 25 years. PCSWMM is flexible, scalable, powerful and affordable, offering high value at an economically sensible price.

Devoted to developing solutions that result in bettering the quality of life through better drainage and water quality improvement, CHI’s innovative technology offers engineers the tools to analyze flooding and facilitate responsible urban and natural drainage planning and design. Our solutions are easily attainable and implemented globally, promoting healthier communities, sustained ecosystems, increased bio-diversity and reduced environmental impact.

CHI is staffed by professional engineers, seasoned educators and software industry professionals armed with a wealth of industry knowledge and application development history. Highly committed to future technology development, CHI continually collaborates with our clients to perpetually improve our technology and develop new applications. Our workshops, annual Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling Conference and the papers presented therein are great sources for industry information transfer. Our list serve forums and blog are also excellent networks for free idea exchange. As part of our mandate to continue the development of innovative modeling tools and techniques, CHI's staff have published over 200 technical papers on urban drainage.

Licensed under the Professional Engineers of Ontario, CHI is recognised internationally and has a solid reputation for providing our clients with quality engineering and professional model review services. Computational Hydraulics International integrates experience, knowledge and innovation to ensure efficiency and accuracy, saving our clients time and money.

Understanding a consulting engineer’s point of view, our software provides smart solutions designed to improve collaboration, streamline workflow, reduce project time and save resources, empowering consulting engineering firms to be more competitive, more productive and win more projects.

Backed by partners in the U.S.A., Canada, France and South Africa, CHI takes pride in delivering professional excellence in innovative technology solutions, trusted consulting engineering services, superior support and better educational services. Our technology is used by more than 3,000 clients, has been successfully applied in over 10,000 projects in more than 70 countries and is the preferred choice for major consulting engineering companies, large cities, conservation authorities and other government organizations throughout North America and around the globe.

Why Choose Us

  • Well established company
  • Staffed by professional engineers, seasoned educators and software industry professionals
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and reputable
  • Trusted in the industry
  • Innovative thinking
  • Technology leaders
  • Dedicated co-operators
  • Promote high standards of quality
  • Dedication to technology and service excellence
  • Committed to future product development

Why Choose Our Software

  • Intuitive, comprehensive systems
  • Accurate and reliable technology
  • Meets the needs of today's industry challenges
  • Customized solutions available to suit your requirements
  • Offers high value with economically sensible pricing
  • Provides a quick return on investment

Since 1978, CHI has been dedicated to the global development of healthier communities and ecosystems by providing and encouraging best water management software and practices. We feel that the quality of life is highly dependent on the quality of the local water environment.  Our mission therefore, is to bring about better ecosystems and environmental planning, design, construction and management of urban drainage systems, by developing, distributing and supporting innovative software solutions that are easily attainable for many and can be used by the widest possible user community around the world.

CHI believes that urban water systems can be designed in a way that supports environmental goals rather than working against them. Our PCSWMM software technology offers engineers the tools to design urban water systems that are less invasive, less disruptive, closer to the intended natural hydrologic function, and thus encourage higher biodiversity. These tools not only facilitate responsible planning and design; they ultimately lead to healthier human communities.

Our fundamental drive is to expand our engineering concepts and technology from their strong foundation in Newtonian physics to include and embrace Darwinian principles. We believe that the design of sympathetic water systems greatly impacts the quality of life for humankind and all nature. Using intelligent modeling, planners, engineers, and managers can transform drainage infrastructure to create better communities. PCSWMM’s environmental and ecosystem sensibilities foster a wider biodiversity of plants and animals, and inevitably encourage the development of thriving human societies. CHI partners with clients the world over to manage the development of water systems and drainage infrastructure through technological solutions that help integrate physical, biological and ecosystem data into very long-term sustainable environments.

Rather than confining thinking to just Newtonian physics, we believe that practitioners ought to direct their attention further up the hierarchy of concerns towards ecology and Darwinian principles. In this view, a sustainable drainage system is an environment supporting a diverse host of life-forms, which adjusts as the population mix evolves – and which ideally is designed to maximize bio-diversity. Planning such a system is challenging, and requires building more complex models that support wider bases for knowledge. For instance, we model the gamut of flow velocities, depths, temperature, pH, turbidity and chemicals and link to aquatic ecosystem models; at a minimum this certainly requires a philosophy of continuous modeling.

On the other hand, traditional engineering and its bedfellows have sought to minimize entropy, using methods that ultimately replace natural habitats with surfaces that are generally abiotic or worse. Changing a traditional mindset is an incredible challenge but we believe it can be well worth the effort. CHI will continue to develop solutions that ultimately result in reducing our impact on the world, bettering our environment and improving the quality of life for all.

Supporting Eco-Responsibility
Through its special Universities Grant Programme, CHI donates software, training and conference attendance to Universities and Colleges around the world ($1M to 2012). Also, by donating monographs and other books to technical libraries and universities active in urban drainage engineering, and by offering selected students work internships, CHI is committed to strengthening the education of future engineers who wish to specialize in the field of watershed modeling and urban drainage design.

Supporting Our Youth
By providing faculty, graduate and undergraduate students software, manuals, monographs and training, CHI believes in better preparing students for success in a global knowledge based world by providing hands on experience with the tools to prepare them for the future.

Supporting International Humanitarian and Development Efforts (especially Africa)
By offering special pricing for educational workshops in economically disadvantaged regions, CHI supports the development of better sanitation and clean water systems in environments where drainage is impaired or severely under developed. And by donating cash to organisations such as Bracelet of Hope CHI supports those who fight poverty and AIDS among young children in Lesotho.

Supporting Historical Interpretation
Through Bill and Lyn James, CHI supports historical activities that interpret the nobility of early Civil Engineering works, and hosts a collection of information and media on the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. Bill and Lyn actively work with the museum on research and books.

Supporting our Environment
Through the Bruce Trail Association, CHI supports the conservation of our natural environment and watershed systems so that they will be preserved and appreciated well into the future. The Bruce Trail Association is an environmental organization that educates the public and our youth about environmental conservation and the biodiversity of the Niagara Escarpment.

Supporting Education and Industry Skills Development
Through the Ontario Computers for Schools Program, CHI donates its used computers and peripherals to deserving organizations. CFS refurbishes computer equipment and provides them to schools, libraries, registered non-profit groups and charities. This effort diverts toxic waste from landfills through re-use of computer equipment.