ComRent International, LLC

ComRent International, LLC

ComRent has provided load banks rentals for testing and commissioning of mission critical power generation and mechanical systems. Recognized as an industry leader in developing groundbreaking products and services, ComRent has expanded from a single office to 18 service locations supporting customers worldwide. Load bank testing is the most flexible method to validate critical power systems and components. Comprehensive load bank testing includes validating the condition and output of generators, UPS, batteries, transformers, and relays within a distribution system. Visit Industries section to see how ComRent has developed custom load bank solutions for Utilities, Data Centers, Maritime, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and Military needs.

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12340 Crain Hwy , Newburg , Maryland 20664 USA
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Power Distribution
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Globally (various continents)
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ComRent International is the only company offering medium voltage load banks rentals that do not require transformers. We can provide load banks from 1kW to 100MW or more at low or medium voltage. This means you can run a faster, more accurate test while benefiting from faster set up and tear down.

Look to ComRent for the widest selection of general use and specialty load banks including

  • Resistive Load Banks to simulate the operational load that a power source will see in actual use
  • Reactive Load Banks to accurately simulate a leading or lagging power factor created by electromagnetic systems on a power network. Motor driven devices, transformers, and capacitors all create a reactive load on a power system. Many times, a comprehensive system test or commissioning will include a reactive load bank to simulate a reactive load on relays, circuit breakers, and other key components to properly test the power system. Reactive load banks a categorized in 2 general varieties:
  • Inductive Load Banks- provides a lagging power factor commonly seen in motors, heating elements, and transformers. Inductive load is used to test performance of generators, voltage regulators, conductors, switchgear and other equipment.
  • Capacitive Load Banks- provide a leading power factor to compensate for power factor correction commonly seen in telecommunications, computers, and UPS systems.
  • Direct Current (DC) Load Banks are used to test the voltage and current of batteries and other DC systems. With 18 strategic locations and North America’s largest inventory – over 2,500 pieces of equipment and 90 miles of cable – we can meet a wide variety of electrical and thermal load testing requirements, regardless of industry and testing objectives. We built the first and only medium voltage load bank in the rental market for testing large, multi-generator plants. We also developed the first rack mount load bank with variable load, CFM and wireless remote control.

And with over 15 years of meeting unique and sophisticated challenges, ComRent International has the expertise to support testing your critical power systems- no matter how complex they may be. As a result, you can rest assured that our load banks will consistently deliver accurate results whenever and wherever needed -- helping complete your test.