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  • Concept - Model B1 - Handheld Battery Smoke Machine

    Concept - Model B1 - Handheld Battery Smoke Machine

    Concept's B1 is a robust and fully portable smoke system, operating from an on board 12vDC battery. Whilst not quite as tiny as the Air Trace smoke generator the B1 produces considerable quantity of smoke for a battery powered smoke system. With a 400w heat exchanger, the B1 is capable of producing a good volume of safe, controllable smoke on demand in areas where no mains is available. The B1 also incorporates a microprocessor which controls the...

  • Concept - Model Colt 3 & 4 - Smoke Machines

    Concept - Model Colt 3 & 4 - Smoke Machines

    The best selling Concept Colt has the ability to produce a considerable amount of smoke 'off power' using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger, allowing an operator to carry a generator from room to room, making smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead. In service with numerous fire authorities world-wide, many NATO forces (including the USN and Royal Navy for shipboard training), as well as analytical laboratories,...

  • Concept - Model Colt Turbo 4 - Portable Smoke Generator

    Concept - Model Colt Turbo 4 - Portable Smoke Generator

    The Turbo variant of our best selling Colt 4 incorporates a much larger mass, precision machined heat exchanger block, and 2 x 1100w Firerod cartridge heaters switched via a solid state relay. The result - almost twice the smoke output of the standard Colt 4, and the ability to make smoke 'Off Power' for longer - because it has a greater amount of retained energy within the heat exchanger. With its enhanced performance, the Colt 4 Turbo is capable of...

  • Concept - Aircraft Leak Testing System (ALTS)

    Concept - Aircraft Leak Testing System (ALTS)

    The Concept ALTS was developed by Concept for the Royal Air Force to enable the fast and accurate leak testing of its wide-bodied aircraft. The ALTS produces a sub-micron, non-contaminating, artificial smoke (entrained in inert carrier gas) in the aircraft fuselage, utilising the aircraft’s own 115v 400-450 Hz supply. The unit will also operate on 50 Hz. The unit uses the same chemical smoke type that has been used for over 30 years in the...

  • Concept - Artem Portable Smoke Generator

    Concept - Artem Portable Smoke Generator

    The Artem Gun is a unique, off power smoke generator ideal for creating large volumes of smoke for applications such as fire training, public order training, indeed any application where complete portability is a requirement. Using conventional Taymar type gas cartridges as the heating source (available worldwide) and a Concept Artem Smoke Canister, the Artem Gun is incredibly straight forward to use. Simply screw in the canisters, pre-heat the...

  • Concept  - Drain Master System

    Concept - Drain Master System

    The Concept Drainmaster is a variant of the best selling Colt 4, it has a reinforced adapter capable of supporting heavy duty ducting. The Drainmaster makes identifying leaks in drain work dramatically easier & cleaner. Potentially identifying leaks in minutes, that without the aid of high quality artificial smoke would take hours. Producing a persistent water-based non-toxic smoke. The smoke can travel through hundreds of metres of drains. The...

  • Concept  - Oil Mist Generator (OMG)

    Concept - Oil Mist Generator (OMG)

    Principles of Operation: The oil mist media is stored in the OMG in a heated pressure tank, the temperature of which can be controlled to ensure a consistent and appropriate oil viscosity. Temperature control of the reservoir is via it's own PID microprocessor controller, allowing independent control from ambient to 70°C. The heat exchanger within the OMG is controlled by a second programmable microprocessor controller, the...

  • Concept  - Smoke Detector Testing System (SDTS)

    Concept - Smoke Detector Testing System (SDTS)

    The Concept SDTS is based on the best selling ViCount Hi temperature smoke system. Unlike conventional water based smokes, the smoke produced by the Concept SDTS is resistant to extremely high temperatures. The unit requires an inert propellant gas, and is supplied complete with a CO2 cylinder and regulator. It is capable of simply and repeatedly creating nontoxic artificial smoke, from small quantities (representative of smouldering fire)...

  • Concept - The ViCount Compact Smoke Generators

    Concept - The ViCount Compact Smoke Generators

    The resulting smoke from the ViCount is extremely persistent, depending on the grade of Smoke Oil selected, the smoke produced by the ViCount can persist to 200°C (compared to typical water based smoke systems 40-50°C) before layering / evaporation commences, making the unit ideally suited to hot fire training applications. It is also used during carbonaceous burns to top up smoke levels in different compartments. The ViCount smoke is also...

  • Concept  - Vulcan Smoke Generator

    Concept - Vulcan Smoke Generator

    The Vulcan Smoke generator is Concept's most powerful oil based smoke generator. An updated variant of the best selling ViCount smoke generator which is used throughout the world in major fire training centres, including the worlds largest Hot Fire Training Complex - the Royal Navy's fire training school (HMS Excellent & Raleigh). The Vulcan incorporates a number of significant enhancements to the performance of the system, with advanced...

  • Concept  - Model MiniColt 4  - Portable Smoke Generator

    Concept - Model MiniColt 4 - Portable Smoke Generator

    The Mini Colt 4 is a more compact version of our best selling Colt 4 model which is recognised world wide for Fire Training, Air Flow visualisation, small scale leak testing etc. It incorporates a handle with an integral push button switch for smoke generation. Like the Colt, it has the ability to produce a considerable quantity of smoke off power once pre heated, using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger. The Mini Colt 4 is...

  • Concept - Model MiniColt 4S - Portable Smoke System

    Concept - Model MiniColt 4S - Portable Smoke System

    The Mini Colt 4S is a varient of our best selling Colt 4 model. Specifically designed for use in clean room environments. Concept have reduced the size and the weight of the MIni Colt 4S to make the operation simple and practical. The artificial smoke produced from the Mini Colt 4S is extremly persistent with a particle size of just 0.2MMD. The fluid used is a combination of purified water and pharmaceutical grade glycerine (CAS 56-81-5 / EINECS...

  • Concept - Model The Spirit 900 - Smoke Generator

    Concept - Model The Spirit 900 - Smoke Generator

    The Spirit 900 is well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required, since it utilises a modular peristaltic pump system rather than conventional, low cost piston pumps. Like the Concept Colt 4, it generates the most persistent water based smoke of any smoke machine available. Typical water based smoke systems are resistant to temperatures of 35-45°C where as the Spirit 900 using fluid A is still effective when...

  • Concept - VC Aero Generator

    Concept - VC Aero Generator

    Concept Smoke Systems have been producing smoke machines for almost 50 years and have manufactured specific aerosol generators for clean rooms for a majority of that time. We are the most experienced artificial smoke manufacturer in the world.

  • Concept  - Aerotech Smoke Wand

    Concept - Aerotech Smoke Wand

    This smoke generator was designed to facilitate the observation of air movements and air tracing in many types of air flow situations, primarily in wind tunnels and air flow visualisation tests in clean rooms / laboratories. The unit is easily transported, has a rapid warm up time and simple to set up and use, and produces a controllable, non hazardous smoke effect. The Concept Aerotech Smoke Wand produces a point source of smoke on the end of a 425mm...

  • Concept - Air Trace Handheld Battery Powered Smoke Machine

    Concept - Air Trace Handheld Battery Powered Smoke Machine

    Concept's smallest smoke machine is the Air Trace, perfect if you require just a small volume of smoke, and have no mains power available, the Air Trace will fulfill your requirement. It runs from a 12v DC battery. The Air Trace has been modified into two new models, the Air Trace (Standard) & Air Trace S. The new design is lighter, more practical and modern. It also incorporates a new double aspect sight glass. The Air Trace S has been developed...

  • Concept  - Flow Check Instrument

    Concept - Flow Check Instrument

    The Flow Check from Concept is the ideal instrument for the testing and monitoring of air currents and air movement. The Flow Check smoke machine is small, handheld, battery powered & easy to use.With the Flow Check, even the slightest air movements become visible. The Flow Check produces a small wisp of smoke, making even the weakest of air currents visible. Commonly used to assist those in the manufacturing, HVAC, hospitals, laboratories &...

  • Concept - CO Detector SF350EN

    Concept - CO Detector SF350EN

    The use of the latest electrochemical cell technology in the SF350EN ensures complete accuracy and reliability, giving a 5 year guaranteed life under normal operating conditions. The SF350 is a stand-alone CO alarm with the batteries sealed inside the unit to ensure they are not inadvertently removed or tampered with. However, the unit still provides a guaranteed 5 years of operation without any need for replacement batteries or parts. It incorporates...

  • Concept  - CO2 Heater

    Concept - CO2 Heater

    Concept's ViCount and Vulcan oil based smoke generators use an inert gas such as CO2 as a carrier for the smoke fluid when it is passed through the heat exchanger. The ViCount and Vulcan smoke generators are typically used for large scale exercises and Fire Training applications, where continuous, quality smoke output is required. When Carbon Dioxide (CO2) passes through the cylinder valve, the gas naturally expands and during...

  • Concept - CO2 Refill Kit

    Concept - CO2 Refill Kit

    The Concept CO2 refill system allows easy and safe control when refilling your CO2 cylinders. Both the Concept ViCount and Vulcan oil based smoke systems require and inert gas (as a carrier) when passed through the heat exchanger - to eliminate the possibility of combustion. Typically Concept recommend the use of Nitrogen or CO2. This refill system will allow you to decant CO2 easily into a smaller suitable...

  • Concept  - Model VBL6  - Centrifugal Fan

    Concept - Model VBL6 - Centrifugal Fan

    The Concept VBL6 Centrifugal Blower is an impressive, smoke sealed, continuously rated centrifugal fan for distributing smoke rapidly and evenly through ductwork into training buildings, simulators etc. Up to 30m of 75mm ID ductwork can be used with this blower. Concept's VBL6 is a sealed, continuously rated blower for discharging smoke into training buildings, simulators etc. It is supplied on a stand appropiate to the type of Concept smoke generator...

  • Concept  - Transit Cases

    Concept - Transit Cases

    Concept Smoke Systems offer a wide range of heavy duty transit cases to suit all of our smoke machines and accessories. These cases can be are; airtight, crushproof, shockproof, watertight, corrosion proof, sand & dust proof, waterproof, designed for Military Applications and NATO Cage Coded. These cases are available in almost any size, perfect for transporting and storing your smoke generator and accessories. We have a standard range of Peli /...

  • Concept - Model OPL 100S - Smoke Density / Opacity Monitoring System

    Concept - Model OPL 100S - Smoke Density / Opacity Monitoring System

    The Concept OPL 100 unit is designed to measure the density of smoke, dust, mist or fog between a given area. The system is low maintenance, double pass, dual beam transmissometer that consists of a transceiver (transmitter / receiver), and a passive retroreflector module. These components are stack mounted which are then interfaced with the control unit. The transceiver produces an electronically modulated and collimated light beam which is projected...

  • Concept - Fire Sim Box

    Concept - Fire Sim Box

    This is a professional simulator, making every usable sound simulation possible. The FS-Box is also equipped with a light source with which various fire simulation effects can be created. The FS-Box master control station is the base that drives the system. The electronics are of a high quality and are hard-wearing. It is also fitted with a built-in battery, so that the unit can also function with no mains supply. The FS Box is a high quality...

  • Concept  - Model IP66  - Smoke Generator Enclosure

    Concept - Model IP66 - Smoke Generator Enclosure

    If you are looking for permanent protection against the elements for your smoke generator, these specially designed enclosures are what you need. They have been designed to carry and protect the Spirit 900 or ViCount smoke generators. Typically these units are mounted on the external wall of a training facility. A VBL6 centrifugal fan will assist the smoke through the adjoining ducting run which can be up to 35m long. Every enclosure comes with...

  • Concept  - Smoke Fluids

    Concept - Smoke Fluids

    Concept offer a wide range of safe smoke fluid to suit each smoke machine available.The golden rule, that any quality artificial smoke manufacturer will tell you - only ever use the manufacturers recommended smoke fluid in your machine. The use of incorrect smoke fluid or 'generic' fluid can lead / create potentially toxic, flammable smoke, wet residue or damage to your smoke generator.

  • Concept - Smoke Scrubbers

    Concept - Smoke Scrubbers

    The range of Negative Pressure Units from Concept are designed to clear areas that have been filled with artificial smoke. We have several different units available for different size applications. For many years Concept Smoke Systems have produced specialist aerosol and smoke generating equipment for the chemical, biological and nuclear industries, for testing the efficacy of the HEPA fitters in these 'Clean Room' environments.

  • Concept - Waterproof Covers

    Concept - Waterproof Covers

    oncept's range of temporary waterproof covers have been designed to fit: ViCount Smoke Generator, Vulcan Smoke Generator, Spirit 900 Smoke Generator. These smoke generators are most commonly used in Fire Training application where of course, water is used. The covers are designed to help prevent the smoke machines becoming saturated during training exercises. They have been designed so that the ducting adapter can still be used in conjunction with the...