The General Confederation of Italian Agriculture – Confagricoltura It is the organization that represents and protects Italian agricultural enterprises . it acknowledges the leading role of agricultural entrepreneurs in the establishment and development, both economic, technological and social, of Italian agriculture and agricultural businesses. Confagricoltura is present on the ground across the Italian territory through regional federations (19), local offices and town representatives (2,143), sectorial federations (to which provincial and sectorial unions refer) and product federations (which coordinate local product offices). The organization is based in Rome, in the historical palace “Della Valle”. it is also active in Bruxelles, with its liaison office, and in other countries of the European Community. It also deals with matters related to young and elderly agricultural entrepreneurs, who are represented, within the organization, by ANGA and the National Union of Pensioners.

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Confagricoltura includes:

  • Agricultural enterprises that employ outside workforce: 145,200;
  • Owner-run agricultural enterprises – self-employed workers: 222,000
  • Other businesses (outsourcers, landscaping, grantors in share-cropping,  on share tenancy and bailors of cattle in agistment): 301,000

This represents above 45% of the overall forest and agriculture gross production (47 billion euros in total), and of its value added (27 billion euros), which represents 38.5% (5 million hectare – 12 355 270 acre) of SAU - Utilized Agricultural Area (13 million hectare - 32 123 670 acre). The associated enterprises that employ outside workforce represent two thirds of the businesses and employ more than 500,000 workers.

Confagricoltura holds representatives in CNEL (National Council of Economy and Labour) and in all the institutions, both national and international, which are directly and indirectly linked to agriculture. It is also actively involved in concertation  meetings between trade unions and the government. It stipulates National Labour agreements for workers, employees, managers, besides National Labour agreements for landscaping workers.

Confagricoltura is part of COPA – European Agricultural Union, GEOPA – Employers’  Group of Professional Agricultural Organizations, and CES (EESC – European Economic and Social Committee).

Confagricoltura supports agricultural businesses that aim at quality and technological innovation, both for procedures and products. It works towards the development of Italian agriculture, primary sector of national economy from which both the collectivity, the environment and the territory can benefit. It promotes agriculture and agricultural businesses as key elements for the recovery of Italian economy.


  • Confagricoltura, with its presence on the ground, is the representative organization of the most dynamic, organized and resourceful Italian agricultural enterprises.


Confagricoltura, within all the representative associations, is the most innovative and offers a great quantity and quality of services, aiming at innovation as a tool for mutual exchange between the association itself and the territory:

  • Innovation in the manner of working
  • Innovation in the manner of communicating
  • Innovation in the enterprises

Confagricoltura wishes to work on and with the territory with a combined effort, in order to provide associated enterprises with protection, constantly updated sectorial information and excellent innovative services.

Confindustria is aware of the necessity, for its associated enterprises, to own and share the know-how which they need to be competitive nation and worldwide. Therefore, it works to make this exchange constantly possible.


  • By welcoming the demands of agriculturists and addressing them to institutions, by working towards a simplification of legal procedures.
  • Through a constant exchange with the territory, also operated by employing our new web platform which allows a greater interaction towards common solutions.

Confagricoltura actively protects agricultural entrepreneurs’ rights and promotes their interests, through constant lobbying, regardless of the size of their company and the specific area of business.

Its organization gives an appropriate representation and visibility to agricultural member companies. It collects their instances in order to sponsor their activities with national and international institutions.

It pursues the economic, technological and social development of the agricultural sector and its business, by offering a wide range of innovative services.

Confagricoltura values the activities of its companies, protects and promotes the “made in Italy” excellence, by organizing several initiatives and projects from which its members surely benefit.

Joining Confagricoltura means to be a part of an organization which is rooted throughout the national territory, through regional federations, local offices and town representatives, sectorial federation and product federations. It’s also active in Brussels and in other countries of the European Community.

Through its highly specialized staff, Confagricoltura provides all-rounded consulting services on any matter (trade union, fiscal and legal) related to entrepreneurship.

Joining Confagricoltura means to have rapid and accurate responses and receive updated information, also through the new web platform, on which activities and opportunities developed by the Confederation can be found.

Joining Confagricoltura allows you to be part of a large network within which share expertise, information and best practices with other companies.

Confagricoltura also supports and promotes entrepreneurial initiatives of young farmers and every company during start-up phase.

Member companies may benefit from the advantages offered by agreements and memoranda of understanding, that the organization periodically signs with the most important subjects of different sectors (energy, credit, technology, etc.).

In short, our strengths are:

  • Innovation
  • Widespread presence throughout the national territory
  • Protection of enterprises that employ paid workers
  • Protection of the Environment and Food Security

For registration or more details about the services offered by Confagricoltura, please contact Confagricoltura here.

One of the consequences of the increasing globalization is the internationalization of enterprises.

In other words, enterprises are opening up to wider markets and adapt to the economic ties that are developing between countries and area on the planet.

This process is developing in two different ways:

- companies are increasingly willing to export their products. Consequently, they explore market demands of other countries and not just the national ones;

- the interest of companies to expand their activities abroad increases and is achieved through acquiring existing companies, creating new ones and establishing new alliances and partnerships with foreign companies.

In short, the internationalization of business takes shape thanks to the two processes described above.
In fact, it is an unavoidable and even desirable phenomenon, for both businesses and countries. The intensification of internationalization processes generates a greater interchange between markets: more reciprocal investments and, eventually, increased economic growth.

Confagricoltura is completely devoted to this activity and considers it as one of the priorities in its action line, by creating specific projects to help promote the exportation of Italian agricultural and food products and support farmers who want to make direct investments abroad.

In practice, the Confederation organizes regular meetings between Italian enterprises and foreign buyers; it promotes incoming trade missions which see the participation of importers and foreign companies interested in the purchase of Italian farming enterprises. It also encourages missions of Italian entrepreneurs who are interested in investing abroad and decide to turn to emerging markets and new countries (in which they encounter difficulties entering without any external help) and markets that are already known to them, in order to reinforce the presence of Italian businesses.

Moreover, Confagricoltura:

  • - represents agricultural enterprises in relation to internationalization procedures in all institutional, ministerial and management offices;
  • - informs its members about every kind of activity regarding the internationalization of enterprises, included those activities organized by other organizations and institutions (such as invitations to events and so on).