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  • Aluminum Foil

    Aluminum Foil

    Connecticut Metal Industries is interested in buying all grades of aluminum foil. We recycle uncoated foil as well as plastic laminated and paper backed aluminum and copper foils. We supply recycling services for the printing and laminating industry as well as consumer packaging and pharmaceutical companies. Connecticut Metal is also a consistent market for foil scrap collected by paper and scrap metal recyclers. Laminators and Packaging Companies -...

  • Aluminum Scrap

    Aluminum Scrap

    At last count, we handle over 300 different types of aluminum scrap. To the uninitiated, this may seem hard to believe but there are more than 200 different alloys of aluminum and many more grades of scrap. Some of the common grades that we handle are: Aluminum Beverage Cans. Segregated Alloy Scrap. Mixed Alloy Clips. Painted Siding. New Cast Aluminum. Re-melt Alloy and Cast Sows. New Extrusion and Press Scrap. Industrial 1100 and 3003 Foil . Aluminum...