Consergra S.L.

Consergra S.L.

Consergra S.L.

CONSERGRA, S.L. is a company founded in 1969. Since then, the main activity of the company is the construction of refrigerating equipment and special air conditioners, which are mainly used in the conservation of cereals, seeds and perishable granulates. We also construct refrigerators for other purposes and agri-food and industrial processes according to the specific needs of the client. With the passing of the years we have gained much experience in conservation through cold, either under temperate climates or in the most extreme conditions of deserts or in the tropics. Our equipment combine modern design, great energy efficiency, robustness, reliability, and ease of use. The equipment are designed for operation under very harsh working conditions. The know-how of the company along with an ongoing collaboration with our customers and users allows us to develop equipment increasingly reliable, automatic and of economic operation.

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Pons i Enrich, 8 (Pol. Ind. Bufalvent) , Manresa , Barcelona 08243 Spain
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We also offer different grain industry related equipment: precision moisture analyzers, low cost portable moisture meters, cooling ducts for installation over and under floor, etc.

Another of our specialities is the control of various industrial processes. Since 1995 we have been distributing moisture analyzers based on resonance technology and microwave transmission. This patented system, allows you to obtain in real-time parameters such as moisture and density of the product in analysis. These equipment, given its enormous precision and speed, are ideal for application in manufacturing or processing of food products, compound feed, pet-food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, of construction, etc. We have versions for laboratory and also for process control, which allows automatic control of processes such as drying, toasting, milling, compaction, or conditioning.

Our goal is for the company and its partners to grow and advance by securing the satisfaction, trust and loyalty of our customers, for whom we strive to provide  the best possible equipment and solutions, in the required delivery time and at a competitive price. This policy has enabled us to export our equipment and solutions around the world.

Aside from supplying  equipment, we offer our clients all of our experience in technology implementation, as well as a dedicated after-sales service. Please contact us! We have over  45 years’ experience at your service.