Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

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Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A. Services

  • Biology Services

    Biology Services

    CTA staff includes experts on different biology disciplines to develop biological surveys, baseline data gathering, impact assessment, monitoring and management of endangered flora and fauna species, among others.  The evaluations and studies help to determine the environmental quality before, during and after the implementation of a project. CTA studies include terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems monitoring, using bio-indicators.

  • Project Coordination Services

    Project Coordination Services

    The project coordination department is responsible of leading and performing studies, together with other CTA departments or independently, in order to obtain environmental permits for industrial projects. Studies are prepared according to the terms of reference issued by governmental agencies.

  • Socio Cultural Services

    Socio Cultural Services

    CTA develops studies for industrial projects with historical, economic and cultural emphasis. Studies are oriented to politic-institutional and environmental aspects of communities and population groups.  The purpose is to establish qualitative and quantitative indicators that allow understanding the complexity of social dynamics in the communities, and thus determine the impact that industrial activities might generate or are generating in...

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Services

    Environmental, Health and Safety Services

    CTA´s Environmental Health and Safety department team has chemical and environmental engineers with experience in planning and developing environmental, health and occupational safety studies.  These involves, among others, environmental baseline data gathering which allow determining the environmental quality before the implementation of a project, and subsequent monitoring in order to determine changes and trends during time. ...

  • Electronic Laboratory Services

    Electronic Laboratory Services

    CTA has more than 200 environmental monitoring equipments, including equipment used for: water quality, flow measurement, air quality, emissions from stacks, meteorological data, audiodosimetry, sound pressure levels, electromagnetic fields, thermal comfort, vibration, illumination, gases, among others.

  • Cyanide Code Audits Services

    Cyanide Code Audits Services

    CTA and ENVIRON have established an agreement to provide International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) audit services to precious metal mining clients.