Contaminant Control, Inc. (CCI)

Contaminant Control, Inc. (CCI)

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  • Abatement Services

  • Structural Drying Services

    Structural Drying Services

    As a part of every mold removal is the cause of the mold – water. CCI embraces the philosophy that to remove all mold generation, the moisture must be eliminated at the source. CCI owns drying equipment capable of eliminating moisture from any structure. The right use of desiccant/refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers will remove moisture from any facility.  CCI has the right team able to respond in an emergency capacity to eliminate...

  • Lead Abatement Services

    Lead Abatement Services

    Throughout the company’s years of experience, CCI has tailored its services to meet the increasing regulations and suit the specific needs of each client. This assurance of individual attention and planning has lent itself well to CCI’s lead abatement program.  Because of the prevalence of lead contamination in such sensitive areas as schools, hospitals, universities, industrial facilities and multi-family housing, CCI realizes the...

  • MOLD/HVAC Duct Cleaning Services

    MOLD/HVAC Duct Cleaning Services

    Indoor air quality, sick building syndrome, bioaerosols, and mycotoxins are becoming commonplace words in the work place today. What may be thought of as a little mold problem could really be a long-term challenge that could result in lingering odors, unsightly stains, health problems, and even costly litigations. Whether the problem is a result of poor ventilation, improperly running mechanical systems, flooding, plumbing leak, or roof failure, the...

  • Asbestos Abatement

    Asbestos Abatement

    CCl has been a forerunner in the field of asbestos abatement for over 12 years. Our determination to ensure that all clients receive the proper handling of their abatement project has long been a mainstay for the success of CCI. Through the use of certified and experienced managers and supervisors, CCI is able to develop a customized abatement plan and implement the project with minimal interference to the client’s day-to-day operations.'