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  • EnviroWare - Generator

  • Generators


    EnviroWare provides you with a set of flexible functions that allow the user to easily adapt the software to their business needs. Below are some screenshots and brief descriptions for some of the software's key functions.

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

    EnviroWare provides central management for all the vendors that your company interacts with to manage your waste. Centralized screen to maintain all vendors, Maintain all contact information, Summary screen of important vendor information including: profiles, manifests, pricing, etc.

  • Profiling


    EnviroWare provides the ability to create and manage waste profiles to help streamline the process of entering data for manifest creation. Characterize Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials, Establish Default Product/Service and Process, Establish DOT Shipping Information, Maintain Biennial Codes, Maintain TCLP/Physical Characterization/Chemical Composition, Waste Codes, Approvals/Certification Signatures

  • Manifesting


    EnviroWare helps to simplify compliance and paperwork creation by streamlining the creation of hazardous/non-hazardous manifests and bills of lading. Track proper manifest IDs (universal, federal, customer manifests), Track generator and bill-to, multiple transporters, pickup sites, Maintain waste codes, Maintain clerical data, Certification of Disposal Information, Notes, Edit and View Container Information, Special Handling Instructions

  • Material Processing

    Material Processing

    Material Processing module helps companies use EnviroWare to maintain a permanent record of movement and processing of all inventoried items. Move Drums, Decant, Repack/consolidate, Bulk Transfers, Bulk to Container, Empty Tank, Batching, Landfill disposal, Transaction Log of History of Material Processes

  • Material Shipping

    Material Shipping

    For Generators shipping waste off-site, EnviroWare provides a centralized area for handling outbound waste information. Edit manifest line information for discrepancies, Automatically convert weight from volume (or volume for weight), Establish location for all material in inventory (multi or individual items), Outbound drum shipments, Outbound bulk shipments

  • Laboratory Analysis

    Laboratory Analysis

    Laboratory personnel can utilize EnviroWare to centrally track and maintain information related to waste analyses. Waste Fingerprint Analyses, Profile Pre-Approval and Re-certification Analyses, Tank/Bulk Location Analyses, Contract Sample Analyses, Batch Analyses, Establish Templates to reduce data entry for lab personnel, Compare results against standards or specifications, Approve profiles, Accept inventory items, Establish and apply process rules...