convergence consulting LLC

convergence consulting LLC

convergence consulting LLC is an environmental, health, safety, and social (EHS) management consultancy specializing in global projects and programs. A cornerstone of the company is its Global Alliance (GOAL), an alliance of in-country EHS professionals located worldwide. convergence draws upon our GOAL to establish project teams that best meet our clients needs. The results are consistent high quality project performance. Our core services are global EHS auditing, outsourced EHS staff, compliance consulting, country compliance tools, and global EHS program performance enhancement strategies.

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1762 West 26th Street , San Pedro , 90732 California USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Health and Safety Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


convergenceSM consulting LLC is a Global Environmental, Health, Safety & Social Management Consultancy

That focuses on international projects and programs. The company was founded on a business model that facilitates consistent high quality services across countries, and builds interdisciplinary teams that are required for effective environmental, health, safety and social management consulting.

con•verge (ken vurj’), v., 1. to come together at a point; to tend to meet in a point or line; incline towards each other. . .

The profession of “environmental management” is undergoing profound change. Increasingly, we find that additional disciplines, such as safety, health, social accountability, and sustainability, are coming together under the umbrella of what was once simply 'environmental management'. This trend is redefining the profession and how we do business. Our company name, convergence as well as our Celtic logo, reflect this trend; and our business model (patent pending) was specifically created to meet the emerging challenge of this trend and achieve expanded leverage through responding appropriately to the new consulting climate.

We Are All About Business Solutions and Business Value to Our Clients' Global Environmental, Health, Safety and Social (EHS) Challenges Through Our:

  • Focus on EHS management;
  • Specialty in global services and programs;
  • Coordinated value chain linking global EHS resources and experts;
  • Efficient and novel business model.

Our Global Alliance (GOAL) is a cornerstone of the convergence business model. The GOAL ensures our clients always get the right team to assist them with their EHS2 management dilemmas.
convergence conceived the GOAL to meet the twofold challenges we perceive in the maturing EHS2 management profession that affects both industry and consulting practitioners alike.

The continuing expansion of the number of disciplines or fields included within the universe of responsibility for 'environmental management', such as social responsibility, safety, and sustainability - is the first challenge.

Excellence in our profession now requires we look to other fields for guidance in seeking solutions, such as the Quality profession to set the framework for an environmental management system, or the Accounting profession for principles to report sustainable performance – is the second challenge.

These challenges are formidable for the traditional consultancy that faces the constant pressure to utilize internal staff. The convergence business model and company structure, in contrast, has been consciously designed to incorporate the interdisciplinary resources necessary to overcome these challenges, and bring excellence to our clients while controlling costs.

The expertise of our GOAL members extends our capabilities far beyond the talents of our core company members.
In our four major categories of expertise we have a wealth of talent and resources from which to build our unique teams and consult our clients.

The company principals, all senior EHS management professionals with extensive international experience, seamlessly manage our project teams developed from our Global Alliance, as well as contribute their technical expertise when appropriate. The technical expertise within our Global Alliance (GOAL) falls into three main categories.

Country Experts

  • EHS management professionals,such as auditors, located strategically throughout the world.
  • Each has international skills, an understanding of local issues in the global context, and project experience with multinationals.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Experts from professions related to EHS2 management either directly:
  • such as CSR, sustainability, greenhouse gas inventory, process safety or radiation safety
  • or peripherally, such as supply chain management, public communications and data management.
  • These experts bring ingenuity, new approaches and resources to resolving EHS2 issues.

Support Tools

  • Supporting our consulting practice are web-based tools, such as
  • country EHS legal registers
  • audit protocols
  • task management workflow systems
  • remote auditing
  • web conferencing and project management

convergence consulting LLC is pleased to introduce its newest international compliance tool powered by Optial – country health and safety legal registers for offices, retail operations, and other non-manufacturing operations.

A 'country legal register' is an inventory of laws and regulations of a country that relate to a particular topical scope – in this case health and safety in an office or retail setting - and the laws are presented as a list of formal legal citations. Each legal citation has a descriptive summary of the law or regulation. The description involves: scope and objectives of the law; general description of the main requirements; potential penalties for non-compliance; and applicability of the law. The Register is presented in dual language (national language and English), organized by topic, keyword searchable, has customized reporting, and linked to the full text legislation in a publicly available website.

Business Value
A Legal Register is a tool typically used to inform a facility of the laws and regulations that apply to them; however it brings more value and function to an organization. It is a compliance resource to support:

  • Store or Office Build-out
  • Opening of New Operations
  • The Site’s Safety Committee
  • Demonstration of a Compliance Assurance Program
  • Reduction of Company Risk.

Business Challenges
Companies operating globally face an added layer of business challenges.

  • How do you identify and attain the applicable EHS regulations and laws in a country?
  • How do you understand the laws and regulations when they are written in a foreign language?
  • How do you keep your worldwide operations routinely informed of regulatory changes that affect them and in their language and with cultural sensitivity?
  • How can you trust the accuracy and completeness of a regulatory support tool when you are unfamiliar with the country legislation or the language?
  • How can you stretch your budget to inform all of your worldwide office or retail operations of the legal requirements that apply to them?
  • How do you reduce the risks to employees in your office or retail operations, and risk to brand?

convergence’s Country Legal Registers are a tool to address these challenges and more. Please review our brochure and video for more information about this tool.