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Conwed Plastics

Every day, our papers, films, nets and nonwovens are used in a diverse range of products, applications and industries around the world. As experts in highly engineered materials made from fibers, resins and polymers, we provide solutions to make products stronger, more durable and with increased performance. SWM is a leading global provider of engineered solutions and advanced materials. From our origins as paper-making experts during the Renaissance to our cutting-edge technologies that solve today`s modern business challenges, SWM has consistently demonstrated a forward-looking approach to helping our customers succeed. Our history of performance is thanks in large part to our fundamental manufacturing expertise of roll goods and our deep understanding of the industries we serve.

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Marcel Habetslaan 20 , Genk , 3600 Belgium
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Plastics & Resins
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Conwed is the industry leader in providing innovative and comprehensive single-source plastic netting solutions. Featuring a complete line of high-performance plastic products used for reinforcement, containment and separation applications, Conwed proudly serves major markets ranging from consumer-packaged goods to building materials and beyond.

Turning great ideas into better products for a life
From concept to commercialization, Conwed combines state-of-the-art engineering and R&D with world-class customer service and support to address and fulfill the unique requirements of every order. Because we’re experts in plastic extrusion and orientation technologies, we can custom tailor our products to meet exact manufacturing specifications.

Delivering answers across town…and around the globe
As the only netting producer with production facilities on two continents, our four worldwide manufacturing plants and dedicated distributors deliver timely and affordable netting solutions to businesses around the world. Conwed is a Leucadia national company (NYSE: LUK), and markets products in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Since Conwed's inception in 1966 we've consistently redefined markets and developed new efficiencies as the first company to offer new plastic netting solutions through patented technologies. We understand the markets we serve and develop products that help our customers work smarter. Over the last five decades, we've been busy...


Conwed is the leader in manufacturing and designing plastic netting that meets specific product performance needs. Customers often require distinct characteristics for their end product use that only Conwed netting can provide. Through custom engineering, Conwed develops products to exact specifications to meet our customers’ needs.

Turning Core Competencies Into Core Strength
Conwed manufactures plastic netting using extrusion and orientation technologies. These technologies are core competencies of Conwed, used in association with Conwed proprietary processes to produce high-performance products.

Extrusion is the base process for many Conwed products. Using an extruder, plastic is melted and pushed through a die forming the pattern of the net. After the plastic moves through the die, it is cooled and the plastic hardens into the pre-determined shape.

Orientation is the process that takes extruded net and stretches it in either the machine direction, cross direction, or both directions. Through orientation, Conwed creates its high-strength lightweight netting.

Bi-component, another Conwed innovation, is the process that creates a netting with different materials in the machine direction and the cross direction. A bi-component net can be different colors in each direction, have stretch in only one direction and an adhesive in another direction, or have different types of resin in each direction. Customers often eliminate a process when using a Conwed bi-component product or create a unique product characteristic with the easy design flexibility of this specialty net engineered to meet the specific needs of customers.

Co-extrusion is a Conwed patented technology that forms a multiple layered specialty net. During this process, polymers are bonded to materials in a resin blend or through a process called co-extrusion. Co-extrusion consists of different polymers being melted and pushed through multiple extruders into a common die.

Conwed enhances lives and productivity at home and work by improving products and providing solutions through plastic net technologies.
Mission Objectives
Provide customers with the best total value proposition
Emphasize innovative, value-added solutions
Provide a performance-based, dynamic and challenging work environment focused on continuous improvement
Ensure adherence to ethical business practices and environmental policies
Promote responsible community citizenship
Pursue acquisitions and divestitures to support the overall vision
Generate above-average cash flow and investment return to shareholders

Conwed Customer Focus
Conwed employees focus on understanding the comprehensive product, process, application and
service needs of our customers. Additionally, we focus on developing markets with significant
opportunity for product innovation that provides greater value to our customer.

Conwed Core Competencies
Conwed is successful because of its core competencies which represent sustainable advantages
over competitors.

A high level of customer service
Strong research & development
Flexible manufacturing
A broad line of quality products
Worldwide perspective
Acquisition capabilities
Continuous improvement philosophy