Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI)

Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI)

Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) is a full service cooling tower construction company providing years of expertise and experience in cooling tower inspections, maintenance, repairs, new towers, replacement towers, thermal upgrades, parts, and emergencies.

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52410 Clark Road , White Castle , Louisiana 70788 USA
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Service provider
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Nationally (across the country)


Flexible Management
CTTI’s management is a team of experienced professionals. As each job has offered its unique challenges, this group of talented leaders has created unique solutions for each project. For a more detailed list of past projects please contact CTTI.

Fabrication Capabilities
CTTI focuses on creating a quality product. Therefore, CTTI understands the importance of using quality parts. CTTI’s fabrication is not limited to “on-the-job” fabrication. CTTI can dedicate its entire shop to fabricating your cooling tower needs. Please contact CTTI for further details about what CTTI can provide for your next project.

Advantageous Locations
CTTI has great access to the Baton Rouge and New Orleans ports and airports. It is also located only minutes away from Interstate 10 which makes it extremely easy to get our personnel and materials to your jobsite. As stated by Steve Gotz, an employee of Turner Industries’ International Maintenance Co. LLC, “I called CTTI and they were here the next day.” Gotz also added, “We have never had a problem getting them here. If we call them they provide a fast response.'


Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) has received recognition and won numerous awards over the years for Excellence in Contractor Safety and Best Overall Performance.

Quality Products

CTTI understands the relationship between quality products and quality parts. The materials and products used by CTTI enables us to guarantee our work. CTTI has the experience, the facilities, and the expertise to manufacture a variety of cooling tower components, such as : CTTI’s patented PVC splash fill (Stur-D-Span), mechanical support frames, torque tubes, PVC distribution systems, stainless steel base plates and straps for structure connections, and fabricated lumber.

CTTI is an OEM for cooling towers, which enables the distribution or reselling of the following cooling tower parts manufacturers: Addax, Amarillo Gear, Brentwood Industries, C.E. Shepherd, and Hudson Products as well as sell other components such as fan stacks, motor and gear supports, distribution systems, distribution flow control valves, distribution nozzles, fiberglass siding, fiberglass structures, and lumber.

CTTI has the knowledge and the resources available to offer competitive prices as well as superior quality. We know how to get you the best parts at the best price.