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  • Waste Recycling

  • Model PMM  - Multi-Material Baling Presses

    Model PMM - Multi-Material Baling Presses

    The PMM balers can be used to compact almost all compressible waste materials into high density bales. The two-ram baler PMM is a must-have tool for use in the recovery of secondary raw materials. In response to increasing material diversification to process and in order to develop new solutions for the waste-to energy processing, Copex, a solid waste recycling equipment designer and manufacturer for over 60 years, has invented a new...

  • Model P1C  - Balers

    Model P1C - Balers

    The P1C baler is specifically designed to compress tin and aluminium cans & similar metal waste into high density bales. Based on Copex know-how and experience in the design and manufacturing of balers for scrap and metal recyclers, the P1C balers with fully automatic operation are ideal to press metallic waste coming from waste sorting centers into high density bales. The P1C balers are in full compliance with the current requirements of the...