Corai s.p.a.

CORAI SpA produces and sells since the 1974 pipes, couplers and accessories in steel galvanized both for the agricultural and for the industrial sector. The factory of Castel d’Ario is situated on the main road 10 between Mantua and Padua at near 7 Km. from the tollgate of the A22 of Mantua Nord. The productions lines have been completely renovated and now they are handled with the computer assistance, which guarantees the quality control and the working management to satisfy as better any customers’ requires and to assure the prompt delivery for the standard articles. It’s years since CORAI SPA decides to use only top-quality materials and to guarantee the quality, the technicians execute continually endurance, traction, explosion and inspection tests on pipes and couplers.

Company details

CASTEL D`ARIO (Mantova) , 46033 Italy

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Thanks to these fundamentals choices, the factory is acknowledged as a leader for pipes, for all types of couplers (spherical Ferrari, spherical anfor, Bauer type, type Perrot, and quick type and Vitaulic type) and for all type of flanges, in steel galvanized and inox for irrigation, for wellpoint system, for by-pass system and for industrial applications.