Coskata, Inc.

Coskata, Inc.

Coskata, Inc.

Coskata is a biology-based renewable energy company whose low-cost platform technology allows for the production of fuels and chemicals from a variety of input material (including biomass, agricultural and municipal wastes, and other carbonaceous material). Using proprietary microorganisms and patented bioreactor designs, we are ready today to produce feedstock flexible ethanol, to fuel energy security, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. We bring you the latest news on science and technology! We’re an online magazine dedicated to latest innovations in the world of science and technology!

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4575 Weaver Parkway, Suite 100 , Warrenville , Illinois 60555 USA
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Business Type:
Publishing company
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Energy Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)
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Here at Coskata, we bring you the latest news on science and technology! We’re an online magazine dedicated to latest innovations in the world of science and technology!

We do not limit ourselves to gadgets, or research because all these things work hand-in-hand in improving the world’s technology. From medical technology to financial investing, we created a venue for our readers to explore and discover all the new things the world of science has to offer.

Here we’ll tackle issues on the environment and how technological advancements affect it. We promote clean energy, so we have a lot of content on sustainability projects and solar-powered electronics.

We believe that technological advancements and the planet Earth should work together for a cleaner and sustainable future. These advancements are indeed incredible, but if we don’t have the world to live in, we’ll probably not enjoy all the current innovations.

Coskata is also here to give you the latest in the scene of biotechnology. Not only do we want to experience technological advancements, but also the uplifting of the human being. The human person is capable of so much with technology. Imagine all the health and medicine innovations coming from technology.

We’re also here to explore the benefits of healthcare systems and how they can be improved to support the lives of people all around the world. Healthcare is an offspring of technology and medicine, so we should keep people in the light and give them opportunities to live healthy lives.

We hope to uplift every being on this planet and blur the lines between science, technology, medicine, and sustainability.

With your patronization, we’ll be able to soar and reach new heights together!

So what are you waiting for? Make us your go-to site for all your scientific and technological needs!

Coskata’s mission is to commercialize our technology for the production of alternative fuels and chemicals. We will create value for customers, shareholders and employees by commercializing technology that is sustainable in three dimensions.

  • Financially – Our offerings will be competitive in the marketplace
  • Technically – Our offerings and solutions will be supported by our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation
  • Environmentally – Our offerings and operations will be designed to minimize energy usage, water consumption, and potentially harmful emissions

We will achieve this through technology development and licensing, owning and operating facilities, and providing onsite products and services.