CP Screens Pte Ltd

CP Screens Pte Ltd

CP Screens Pte Ltd

Since our incorporation back in 2010, CP Screens Pte. Ltd. has been developing into a recognised Singaporean designer, manufacturer and supplier of Wedge Wire Screen (Profile Wire Screens) to many critical industries. Up until our incorporation, our Wedge Wire Screen products were previously available under Completion Products Pte. Ltd.. A strategic decision was made to establish a new company which enabled CP Screens to concentrate its efforts beyond the oil and gas industry. Both CPS and CP have had a history of providing efficient, long lasting, maintenance free products that operate in a variety of applications. To achieve this we stand to be transparent to our clients’ requirements and provide them with the best solution to not only match, but exceed their own customer`s expectations. Our track record success worldwide continues to grow through our focused efforts in identifying and developing new products, markets and customers.

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No. 13 Tuas Avenue 6 , Singapore , 639301 Singapore
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

CP Screens Office

CP Screens specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality Wedge Wire Screen products for the following industries on a global scale:

It is through the following Core Competencies that enables CP Screens to deliver quality products on time:

CP Screens Factory

  • Dynamic and Flexible Organisation 
  • High Operational Efficiency 
  • Strong Quality Management System

Additionally through our indentified and proven company Core Values listed below, CP Screens is well positioned to move rapidly in the marketing and product development of our Profile Wire Screens.

  • Safety and Environment
  • Customer Experience
  • Quality
  • People

Lastly, our location in Singapore is well suited given that this country is well recognised as a leading and highly competitive manufacturing centre in the world. Singapore also bolsters its competitiveness by its logistical proximity in an ever growing Asia-Pacific region. Singapore’s first-rate infrastructure also ensures that we have the best tools and resources available at hand to deliver on our genuine promise.

“Our vision is to sustain profitable growth through the supply of high quality wedge wire screen (profile wire screen) products and services to all our customers as we continually expand our global presence.”

We are dedicated to producing an array of high quality screen products which exceed our customers’ expectations through our committed, dynamic and flexible employees.

We aspire to become a major global screen manufacturer through the continuous development of our products, services and expansion of our customer base worldwide.

We are strongly committed to providing each and every one of our employees with a safe, clean and enjoyable environment in which to work.

Safety and Environment:
As a company and individuals, we are committed to providing a safe and clean working environment for our employees and our visitors. We will ensure our processes and products provide minimum detrimental effect to the environment. We will continually review safety and environmental processes, practices and procedures to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

Customer Experience:
As a company and individuals, we are committed to providing an excellent customer experience both externally and internally. We will ensure we have the best understanding of the customers’ expectations and ensure we meet and wherever possible exceed their expectations. We will communicate in a prompt manner and obtain our customers feedback and satisfaction on a regular basis to continually improve.

As a company and individuals, we are committed to ensuring our products are of high quality and meet our customers’ expectations through the effective deployment, maintenance, improvement and disciplined ownership of our Quality Management System.

As a company and individuals, we are committed to recognising that our people are our single most important asset in the realisation of our Company’s Vision and Mission. We will be committed to the hiring, training and development activities of our employees such that they can fulfill their own job requirements and ambitions. We will work closely with our employees such that we develop a culture that is aligned with our Company’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and provides the employee with motivation and job satisfaction.

Quality Control

At CP Screens we take pride in intimately conforming and continuously improving our Quality Management System (QMS) which ultimately provides our customers with high quality products, service and sense of satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, the effective implementations of our Quality Policy and Objectives are of the highest priority for all our employees.

Quality Policy

Quality Control Screen

CP Screens Pte Ltd has developed with the objective to specialise in the design and manufacture of profile wire screen products used in an array of industries and is highly committed to supplying high quality products.

Satisfying our customer’s needs and to provide value that far exceeds expectations forms the foundation of the success of this organisation and of our customers. Customer satisfaction is accomplished by the following:

The ownership and high performance of all our employees.
  • Reaching a consensus on the requirements from our customers and suppliers.
  • Conforming to our customer requirements by closely defining, executing and managing all our processes with the aim of manufacturing defect-free products.
  • Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System to adjust to the forever changing needs of the market.
  • Committed to the development and implementation of the latest technology to afford improved product quality and value to our customers
  • Developing and training all our employees using the best practices and tools available while ensuring a safe, clean and enjoyable working environment.
Quality Objectives
To support the Quality Policy, CP Screens Management has identified the following Quality Objectives.
  • To ensure that company activities comply with the Quality Manual and Quality Plan.
  • To ensure customer’s expectations are satisfied.
  • To run an effective operation that can continually improve its effectiveness.
These objectives will be measured with a set of supporting performance indicators relevant to the key functions.

Our track record success worldwide continues to grow through our focused efforts in identifying and developing new products, markets and customers. CP Screens achieves this growth through the investment of high-class resources of both people and equipment. Our key employees combined, possess decades of screening experience ensuring that all facets of screen design and manufacture are covered. A strong emphasis is also placed upon Supply Chain Management to ensure that we are partnering with qualified and reliable suppliers worldwide.