CRE Design Engineering, Inc.

CRE Design Engineering, Inc.

CRE Design Engineering, Inc.

CRE Design Engineering, Inc. is a reliable leader with 50+ years of combined geotechnical, geological, and slope stability experience. Through our team of experienced engineering consultants and field technicians, CRE Design Engineering, Inc. can identify potential soil problems and issues in commercial, residential and specialty projects. With our experienced operators CRE Design Engineering is able to provide precise field logging, sampling and testing for foundation recommendations to start your project out on the right foot..

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210 5th St., Ste 200 , Castle Rock , Colorado 80104 USA
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Engineering service provider
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Nationally (across the country)

Our Mission
With more than 50 years of combined field and design experience... CRE will take you from design conception to construction completion. Employees and Principals working together, as a team, to provide the highest quality Services, in a timely manner, to ultimately grow and maintain a reputation as a “Leader in the Industry”

Why Choose
We’re committed to accurate and value engineering design. Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all: they love planning, designing, and building and care about your project. We bring value to every interaction, and our customers love us.

Our Customer Service Philosophy
Customer service is a multi-faceted concept with one major component at its core; mutual respect. With the understanding that every working relationship is different and forged from various elements, mutual respect by all involved parties achieves balance. With that balance, the overall project goals can be achieved with a direct path.
At CRE Design Engineering, our customer service philosophy has been built through many years of field experience in the construction industry. This allows our staff the ability to relate to the needs of our clientele with a distinct collaborative spirit. The nature of our services requires us to evolve with our clientele from project to project. Industry standards, available technology, governing body requirements, and the needs of our clients are ever changing. We must be flexible and willing to change with them. We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective and superior services/products by staying abreast of, and creating, new enhanced methods of design and engineering. It is our belief that customer service can be related to themes in the construction industry…

  • Foundation: The initial contact and concept discussions can be thought of as the foundation of the working/customer service relationship. As in construction, this sets the stage for all other phases to come and begins to take all parties from concept to fruition. With proper planning and discussion at this point, all parties involved can share perceived project direction. Many moving parts must come together seamlessly and accurately at this phase in order to provide a concise view of the overall project goal. So forethought in regards to project and staffing requirements is key at this juncture.
  • Framework: With the foundation of the working relationship set in the ground, the framework can begin to take shape. This is where we believe, as in construction, it’s time to delegate tasks to the appropriate staff and set the wheels in motion. At CRE we are a diverse group of professionals. By allowing each individual (i.e. trade) to primarily focus on what he/she does best, we can make sure that forethought and attention to detail is given to every project. We also believe these individuals need to have the ability to relate to the tasks of the other team members to provide everyone involved an overall sense of the project. However, as questions, or the need for additional information, do arise, we feel one point of customer contact, or a project manager, is required for consistent communications.
  • Finish: The final push of design and engineering is to seamlessly bridge the gap between concept and reality. With proper communication between all parties during the frame stage, this should merely be a re-cap of events. At this point it is our responsibility to make sure an accurate and precise set of design and specifications are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Support: Like any finished construction project, design projects sometimes require additional support after the final product has been provided. This is the stage that we emphasize customer service. During the actual construction phase, support of the design documents is the most time sensitive portion of the overall project duration. We understand that without the proper information during this phase, the project can come to a standstill. This is the stage, if required, that the particular project take precedence over other tasks until the support item is resolved.