Creamer Environment, Inc. (CEI)

Creamer Environment, Inc. (CEI)

Creamer Environment, Inc. (CEI) is a full-service remediation implementation firm that delivers the highest quality environmental construction services available in the industry. From the largest decontamination and reclamation projects to the smallest cleanups, we offer professional, practical, and cost-effective solutions for every environmental challenge. CEI has the personnel, technology, and experience to address all types of environmental remediation projects.

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215 Union St. , Hackensack , New Jersey 07601 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

CEl has the personnel, technology, and experience to address all types of environmental remediation projects. Our scope of services includes: Soil, sediment, and groundwater remediation Containment, caps, and liners Manufactured gas plant cleanups Treatment systems and technologies Tank services, Decontamination and demolition Brownfields remediation, CEI's commitment to safety, quality, reliability, productivity, and integrity are unsurpassed in the industry.

In accomplishing our Vision, the men and women that make up Creamer Environmental. Inc. are committed to maintaining our Core Values:
SAFETY - The protection of our employees and the publi
QUALITY - Our employees will perform quality work
RELIABILITY - Our customers can depend on our employees to respond to their needs
NTEGRITY - Our employees will always do the right thing
PRODUCTIVITY - Our employees will produce the greatest j k amount of work in the least amount of time that safety wil allow

The natural environment is a precious resource, one we respect and work to §L    preserve in all that we do.

Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) strives to implement 'green' and sustainable practices throughout all of our business practices.

In the office, we have implemented numerous green measures including purchasing energy efficient computers and office equipment, upgrading our HVAC systems and reaffirming our recycling commitments.

In the field, our goal is to manage our environmental footprint by conserving energy and resources, and reducing, reusing and recycling as many materials and waste streams as possible. We endeavor to reduce our emissions and waste as much as possible. Our anti-idling program, which all of our field employees participate in, has worked to significantly decrease our carbon footprint. We have also implemented the use of low sulfur diesel, vegetable based lubricants and biofuels whenever possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to limit wasted resources, an economically sound practice as well as one that works to ensure a better tomorrow.

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their impacts on the environment and demonstrate our commitment to environmental quality through these measures.

The health and safety of our employees is Creamer Environmental, Inc's (CEI) top priority. Our management's commitment to safety comes directly from the officers and directors of the company.

CEl maintains a workplace that is safety conscious and_ s strives to go -beyond compliance' when it comes to matters of workplace safety. It is no accident that Safety is CEl's first ore value. We will not compromise safety to achieve other goals.

We provide our employees the proper training and equipment necessary to complete all work safely. All employees and subcontractors are responsible for ensuring a safe workplace-all day, every day. Employees are expected to understand andj accept responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of those working around them.