Crescent Tank Mfg

Crescent Tank Mfg

Crescent Tank Mfg

Crescent Tank Mfg. has produced high-quality portable sanitation service vehicles for the industry for many years.Our unique rectangle design allows portable toilet service drivers to do pick up and delivery during a standard route. This saves valuable time and fuel making our tank design the most efficient in it`s class!

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PO Box 116 , Bloomfield , New York 14469 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

It is uncommon to see a product manufacturer who is also in the same business that the product is manufactured for, however,  Crescent Tank has never been considered a common company.

Crescent Tank Mfg. was founded 15 years ago by Bob Denome after spending many years on both the rental and manufacturing side of the portable sanitation and solid waste industries. After founding Crescent Moon, a rental company specializing in
special events and servicing such large events as the LPGA, US Open, Ryder Cup and the Ford 100 year Celebration, Bob was faced with the same challenge that many operators are faced with; the need to use two vehicles to do a job that Bob felt could be done with one. Seeing this as an expensive and time consuming challenge and being the true innovator that Bob was, he began quickly working on a flat tank design that would allow operators to use the same vehicle for servicing and pick up/delivery. This design is now patented.
As the owner of a portable restroom business Bob was also in a unique situation that allowed him to put his design to work and see it in action. Doing this allowed Bob to fine tune this product and make it the most effective vehicle available.  Crescent Tank's rectangular vacuum tank allows you to carry portable restroom units and hand wash stations (along with other miscellaneous items) on the bed of the tank and the lift gate.  This makes the product very versatile; a service vehicle along with a pick up and delivery vehicle all in one. Crescent Tank Mfg has a three year warranty on the vacuum tank and the other components such as pump, hoses, valves, etc are warranted through the manufacturer of those parts and pieces. We look forward to working with you to find a product that will not only save you time and money but that will also be your number one vehicle for many years to come.