Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc. (CPPP)

Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc. (CPPP)

Crumpler Plastic Pipe is a manufacturer of corrugated polyethylene plastic drainage pipe. CPP was founded in 1975 by its parent company, Crumpler Brick and Tile Company, Inc. Crumpler Brick and Tile was founded in 1945. For years the parent company had been the South`s largest manufacturer of clay drain tiles. CPP was founded to produce the small diameter HDPE corrugated pipes that were replacing the clay tile pipes used in septic lines, house foundations, landscaping and farm field drains. Due to the lighter weights of plastic pipes, CPP grew from its clay pipe Virginia-Carolinas market to cover the Eastern Seaboard.

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P.O. Box 2068, Highway 24 West , Roseboro , North Carolina 28382 USA
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Pipes and Piping
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As larger culvert size CPP pipes were developed, CPP's growth was fueled by the engineering community's acceptance of chemically inert large diameter culvert pipes for use in storm and wastewater runoff control. This growth allowed CPP to absorb its parent company in 1991. Today CPP operates the largest corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing plant under one roof on the eastern seaboard.

The Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association (CPPA) was founded in 1972. Its mission is to provide valuable information about the technology, design, specifications and installation of corrugated polyethylene pipe to specifiers and users including: engineers, contractors, highway and transportation agencies, and government personnel. The CPPA has provide the Corrugated HDPE Plastic Drainage Pipe industry with valuable technical research and information on the performance and applications of Corrugated HDPE pipe.

* In 1999 the CPPA merged with the Plastic Pipe Institute. The PPI is an association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of polyethylene pipe. The mission of the PPI is to make plastics the material of choice for all piping applications. This is accomplished through:

  • CPPA/PPI Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Design Manual and Installation Guide
  • Contributing to the development of standards.
  • Educating designers, installers, users and government officials. 
  • Publishing up-to-date technical and general reports.
  • Collecting and publishing industry statistics. 
  • Establishing forums for problem solving and new ideas. 
  • Maintaining liaisons with industry, educational and government groups. 
  • Providing a technical focus for the plastics piping industry.
  • Supplying associated web sites with up-to-date information.