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  • Model EREV-1+ - Proton Magnetometer

    Model EREV-1+ - Proton Magnetometer

    EREV-1+ is a high-precision proton magnetometer developed and produced by the Crystal Globe Geophysical Research & Services LLC.It is a proton magnetometer using the latest electronic technology, which is in pursuit of high measuring precision and excellent data repeatability. In addition, it is also featured by firmness, portability, and easy maintenance, and is more applicable to field...

  • Aether MT System

    Aether MT System

    Aether is a new generation of multi-functional system developed by CG company with latest technologies, featuring high precision, low noise, low power consumption, flexible channel configuration, remote accessibility. It is the only product in the market capable of acquiring both low and high frequency full time series data simultaneously. It is a compact, lightweight, ruggedized, portable acquisition station and can be used for any of the...

  • Channel Imaging System

    Channel Imaging System

    Resistivity and induced polarization vertical sounding and 2D/3D Imaging. 12 isolated and independent potential channels. distributed 10-channel multi-electrode cabling system, can be relayed for linear prolonging. Patented dual-takeout cable relayed with bi-directional switcher. Transmit power up to 2400V(p-p)*6A for VES and 1600V*4A for ERT. Online upgradable to avail new developed arrays, functions and features in lifetime.