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  • Optan

  • Model SMD - Ball Lens

    Model SMD - Ball Lens

    Amenable for traditional surface mount assembly methods. Optimized spectrum for DNA deactivation. Advantageous performance for price. Superior light output (mW) at higher drive current. High current package

  • Model TO-39 - Flat Window Ball Lens

    Model TO-39 - Flat Window Ball Lens

    Greater tolerance in alignment with fiber. Light source & electronics can be isolated from flow cell. Narrow spectrum enables elimination of filters. Relatively low system cost. Superior light per unit wavelength (mW/nm). Environment-isolated package


  • Surface Mount LED

    Surface Mount LED

    Our limited release engineering samples are available today.  Crystal IS surface mount LEDs are ideal for applications in water and food disinfection, and air purification. Our unique, patented LED technology delivers the most efficient LEDs with the longest lifetimes in the UVC wavelengths from 250 to 280 nm. We achieve the superior efficiency and reliability by using low defect aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates, and by LED epitaxial growth...