CSO Consultancy

CSO Consultancy

LievenseCSO is a prominent representative of the specialized knowledge and experience in the fields of which our country of origin - The Netherlands - is world famous: land reclamation and physical planning, flood protection and water management, hydraulic and coastal engineering, and environmental management and engineering. We provide international consulting and engineering services and technical assistance, and our mission and ambition is to provide an increasing number of clients worldwide with our top knowledge and vast experience.

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Tramsingel 2 , Breda , 4814 AB Netherlands
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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)

Geographical presence 

Our geographical presence focuses on the Caribbean, Latin America and South and Eastern Africa on the one hand, but also follows international activities of our present and potential clients amongst contractors and dredging and construction firms on the other hand. Moreover LievenseCSO naturally is more than willing and prepared to assist its neighbouring countries in Western Europe to predict and prevent flood risks from abundant rainfall or storm surges.


LievenseCSO is independent and is 100 % privately owned. The company can boast of 50 years’ professional experience and employs more than 200 highly qualified, skilled and enthusiastic staff, which are strongly dedicated to our clients. In addition to this number, based in our home country offices, LievenseCSO has local branch offices in Sint Maarten and Saudi Arabia and cooperates with a number of local consultants in foreign countries, such as Suriname, Morocco and Trinidad and Tobago, permanently or on a project to project basis.

Our consultancy and engineering services cover the full range from project inception, concept development and feasibility studies to climatological and oceanographic studies, field investigations and geotechnical surveys, earthquake studies, soils and (ground)water quality investigations, groundwater studies, socio-environmental and financial-economic studies and assessments, permit applications, environmental and hydraulic modelling, structural strength and stability modelling, preliminary design up to detailed engineering including design & construct, construction contract and tender preparation, tender coordination, construction management and supervision, arbitration, operational and maintenance monitoring and institutional strengthening and training as well.

The prosperous birth of LievenseCSO in 2013 resulted from the merger of the renown Dutch consulting firms Lievense  and CSO.

Prior to his event both firms had proven their successful cooperation on many projects in their joint fields of focus and activity: coastal areas, river plains and deltas and the environmental issues ensuing from human activities and economic developments in these densely populated and vulnerable areas.


Lievense was founded in 1964 and developed since then into a specialized international engineering consultant in the fields of civil engineering, port development, rivers and waterways, coasts, polders, water management and transportation pipelines. Lievenses expertise is rooted on geotechnical, hydraulic and structural knowledge and analyses. Their services cover the entire range of project development phases: feasibility study, master planning, field investigation and environmental impact assessment, design, permit application, cost assessment, tender preparation, contracting, construction supervision, contract management, and institutional support.


CSO – founded in 1982 and rooted in the earth sciences – grew since their establishment to a consultancy firm of scientists, planners, and technical specialists active in the field of soil & subsurface, (ground)water management, water safety and environmental analyses and technology. They cover the disciplines physical geography, geology, hydrology, environmental sciences, ecology, spatial planning and law and legislation. Their services include spatial planning, survey, field investigation and laboratory analysis, assessment, pollution remediation and monitoring, hydraulic and environmental modelling, process optimization and environmental management.