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CTC Global

CTC Global ACCC conductor offers twice the capacity of conventional all-aluminum or steel-reinforced conductor with far less thermal sag. ACCC runs cooler and more efficiently than any other conductor type of the same diameter and weight. Line losses are decreased under any operating condition—freeing up generation capacity assets to serve growing demand while reducing emissions. Our ACCC solution has been proven in the real world under widely varying conditions. Since 2005, CTC Global’s ACCC solution has been commercially deployed at over 400 reconductoring and new construction project sites for top-tier clients worldwide.

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2026 McGaw Avenue , Irvine , California 92614 USA
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Headquartered in Irvine, California, CTC Global provides cost-effective conductor solutions that can double the capacity of congested transmission lines, with little to no tower modifications. How do we do this? Our highly-efficient / high-capacity ACCC® conductor uses approximately 28% more aluminum than other conductors of the same diameter and weight. The added aluminum content reduces conductor resistance and line losses under any operating condition compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight. The hybrid carbon and glass fiber composite core has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion which allows increased current at higher operating temperatures with very little thermal sag.

CTC Global is committed to providing the highest quality products for the power generation and transmission industry. Our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art patented products and manufacturing processes enable us to meet this challenging goal.

In addition, our aggressive research and development program ensures that we remain the technological leader in composite core technologies for utility applications. CTC Global’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of research in our field is what drives our breakthrough products—and makes it possible for us to provide the best possible value to our customers and shareholders.