Custom Products of Litchfield, Inc.

Custom Products of Litchfield, Inc.

Custom Products of Litchfield, Inc.

Custom Products of Litchfield, Inc. was built on the foundation of protecting operators from nature’s elements and safety hazards. Since 1962, we have produced custom cabs, ROPS, and operator protection for the off-highway industry. Let us supply you with peace of mind that the operators of your equipment are adequately protected and comfortable, while at the same time ensuring you are properly managing risks associated with product safety.

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1715 South Sibley Ave, PO Box 70 , Litchfield , Minnesota 55355 USA
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Health and Safety
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Nationally (across the country)
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We know we’re building more than just a cab or ROPS; we’re building a safe and comfortable work environment.  That’s why we make sure our products are designed better than anyone else’s – not just in style, but also in functionality.  We look through the eyes of the operator, dealer, installer, and manufacturer to ensure you get the best looking, fitting, and functioning product.  More attractive, quieter, and better functioning equipment encourages operators to use safety features the way they were intended.  Let’s face it: poorly designed equipment is not going to be used correctly by the operators it was intended to protect.  

Our engineering staff has immense industry knowledge and experience with more than 90 years collectively in the industry.  We can ensure the proper application of industry standards and advise, educate, and counsel you on how to best apply those standards to your products.  We have conducted more than 700 ROPS certification tests in our in-house ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory to applicable standards across all off-highway markets.  We are constantly re-engineering ourselves to stay on the cutting edge.  Custom Products staff members are considered industry experts and either have or are now serving on several standards development committees such as OHSA, SAE, ASABE, ISG, and ANSI.  

Our wide range of product development capabilities is suited to many different types of enclosures and operator protective devices to meet your specific needs.   Our hassle free engineering process allows us work conceptually from your drawings, detailed specifications, or artist renderings to design an individual product for you.  Our experienced CAD designers will work concurrently with your engineering team to manage the interface of our solution with your machine. We will manage the multitude of outside vendors needed to complement the design.

When necessary, we will certify that the end design meets current ISO, SAE, ASABE, ANSI, OSHA or other appropriate standards which regulate the markets to whom you sell. Our state-of-the-art in-house ISO/IEC accredited testing facility can handle the forces required to test vehicles of up to 200,000 pounds GVW and we can test at zero degrees to meet material temperature certification requirements and avoid the need to use certain specialty steels.

Our experience in manufacturing facilitates complete or partial assembly of your product with full integration into your manufacturing processes and schedules, including appropriate packaging and modes of transportation.  With our ‘virtual warehouse’ concept we can keep your product in stock to meet rapid delivery demands by drop shipping to your distribution channel and help keep your costs down.  We will provide ongoing support to manage engineering and manufacturing changes through the life cycle of your product.  From concept to crate, we support you in every way.  
From start to finish, Custom Products of Litchfield will manage your project, keep your costs down, and adapt to meet your needs for both product and safety.  Rely on us for peace of mind when it comes to your cab and ROPS needs.