Cutting Edge Services Corp

Cutting Edge Services Corp

Cutting Edge Services Corp are a specialty diamond wire cutting, drilling and precision removal contractor, offering unique field services for concrete and metal cutting applications-both on land and undersea. Our worldwide focus markets are nuclear, hydro, locks and dams, heavy industrial, decommissioning, bridge construction and undersea pipes and platforms.

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1535 Old State Rt 74 , Batavia , Ohio 45103 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Diamond wire sawing, related diamond cutting tools and core drilling are our primary areas of expertise. CEO and President Tim Beckman helped pioneer the first-ever construction diamond wire sawing business for North America in 1983. Cutting Edge also offers diamond core drilling, hydraulic splitting, diamond blade sawing and specialized superabrasive cutting of steel. Wire cutting of tube bundles and specialized pole sawing with superabrasive blades are also available.

When you work with Cutting Edge Services, you can count on complete project management from initial engineering, planning and technical support of your cutting job to turnkey cutting, drilling, rigging and removal. Specialized recycling of water and slurry waste is included in projects with environmental sensitivity. We also sell equipment and technical services to support projects around the globe.

Additionally, you can expect a high priority on safety. Our team follows a written safety program that includes regular training, safety toolbox meetings and random testing for substance abuse. This practice has yielded an outstanding safety record and extremely low EMR rates.

Cutting Edge Vows to Deliver

  • Ingenuity: Creative, engineered solutions to any problem.
  • Performance: Delivering timely, high-quality results.
  • Safety: Lowest possible EMR rating in the industry.
  • Value: Offering customers exceptional return on investment.
  • Green: Proprietary recycling system for environmental-sensitivity.


First, we meticulously detail the unique demands of your large scale cutting or drilling process. Our team of engineers develops CAD schematics to pre-plan each cut and direct the work on-site in a specific order. This minimizes time and expense while maximizing efficiency and safety.

The diamond-wire cutting system is the key to the process of cutting heavy, concrete structures.. Comprised of a modular, mobile saw and diamond wire, the system is powered by two hydraulic motors. The saw can be broken down into components for a variety of applications. Standard fasteners and 2-inch schedule 80 tubing generate infinite machine position configurations to make a variety of cuts including flush to a floor, parallel to an adjacent wall or at an angle.

The primary hydraulic motor with direct mounted wire saw wheel moves along a track guided by a hydraulic-driven rackand-pinion drive. Both motors allow cutting wire as long as 100 meters to move in either direction at variable speeds. The wire is guided via two different sizes of transition brackets and pulleys that re-orient the wire from one plane to another, accommodating different cutting angles.

When powered by one of Cutting Edge Services’ 50 horsepower power units, the diamond wire cuts cross-sectional areas at a rate of 1–3 square meters per hour. These power sources produce high-flow hydraulic power for both drive motors. Two bi-directional valves yield easy, single handle operation. Users guide main drive speed and direction—both clockwise and counter-clockwise—and set the speed and direction of the rack drive’s stroke via these controls.

To filter out heavy solids, we’ve designed a proprietary water-slurry recycling filtration system with upper and lower drums connected to an air-operated diaphragm pump. Particles as large as 100 microns and as small as 5 microns are removed, and the water is returned to the cutting operation for reuse.