CVB EcoLogistics B.V.

CVB EcoLogistics B.V.

CVB EcoLogistics B.V.

CVB ecologistics. Specialists in recycling of paper and other relevant materials. CVB Ecologistics buys and sells recyclables on a world wide scale and is able to react quickly and adequately on both your offer or demand. We also take care of your excess files and archives which we destroy/shredd in a safe environment and in a confidential way.

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Wilhelminapark 37 , Tilburg , NL-5041 EC Netherlands
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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All depots of CVB Ecologistics are rewarded with OPK certification, the Dutch/Belgium quality scheme

Trees are still needed for the production of paper and board. But trees are also beautiful and play an essential role in the ecological balance of our planet earth. In order to preserve and protect this to the maximum, all earlier from wood produced paper and board is recovered and used again for the production of finished paper. And this already since many, many years. Today regained or recovered paper is an essential substance for the production of paper and board. Through the years, the percentage of recovered paper as raw material for new paper has increased world wide to over 50%. By focussing on recyling this percentage can still increase signifiantly enabling us to reduce the need for trees. Therefore reuse and recycling of (raw) materials is an indispensable pillar under a sustainable world. By processing streams that were considered as waste in earlier days to useful raw material, paper and board as well as other products can be produced in an environmental friendly way as less energy is needed and less Co2 is liberated.

To recover paper and board , ecological logistics are needed. Since almost 100 years already CVB Ecologistics is the important transparant link between the paper and board industry and sources who have to dispose of unsorted waste paper. The result is a full traceability of all streams.

CVB Ecologistics is a family business, the result of a strong autonomous growth and a series of acquisitions that started with a 50% share in Heijnen Papier- handel, located in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Up till then the activities of Heijnen Papierhandel, founded in 1958, were limited to its region and sales were done mainly through traders. With the acquisition of 50% by Cees van Berkel, a start was made for expanding into a company with a national activity in collection and outlets world wide, also to Asia, amongst others.


In the years thereafter, a number of acquisitions were done in the Netherlands, Belgium as well as in the U.K. , resul-ting in a group of com-panies with the head-office in NL-Tilburg and 10 depots in the U.K. (1), Belgium (6) and the the Netherlands (3) of which one is focussed on security shredding.

OPK Certification

All depots of CVB Ecologistics are rewarded with an OPK Certificat, the Dutch/ Belgium quality scheme.


Next to the production depots in Western Europe, CVB Ecologistics is exclusively represented in Thailand by UGC in Bangkok as well as in the U.K., by Williams Recycling Limited, which operates from the groups depot office in Hinckley, Leics.

Today's management of CVB Ecologistics B.V. is in hands of Linda van Berkel and her partner Richard Getkate.

After focussing eventually mainly on recovered paper only, through the years and on request by numerous loyal custo-mers also the collection of plastics, wood and other rest streams have been added to the activities with the intention to reduce waste and to transform these into useful (secundary) raw material, a process not only sustainable but also very cost efficient. In average, on a daily basis hundred lorries or containers loaded with valuable raw material leave the depots of CVB Ecologistics B.V. to be delivered to customers on all continents of the world.