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  • Mixers

  • Model WS250 - Recyclers Mixer

    Model WS250 - Recyclers Mixer

    The WS250 mixer comprises: a standard 3-point coupling (cat. 3) and hydraulic connections making it extremely straightforward to transform an agricultural tractor into a modern soil stabiliser.

  • Model MGM 250 - Mixer

    Model MGM 250 - Mixer

    This mixer works in the opposite direction to the forward movement direction and is equipped with a dual transmission as well as a large diameter rotor with a high density of teeth made of carbide steel in order to obtain excellent quality homogeneous mixing. It has two hydraulic flaps to level and retain the material being worked.  The machine can work at soil depths from 0 to 40 cm. 6 interchangeable plates made of Hardox are fitted in the...