D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for Environmental and Scientific Research The D-Opto utilises a proven fluorescence technology to measure dissolved oxygen. The D-Opto optical sensor technology has been successfully used in the wastewater industry for over 10 years. Prototype D-Opto environmental sensors have evolved with installations in place for 2 years. D-Opto was developed due to the requirements of surface water monitoring programs.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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ENVCO Global is a supplier of environmental and industrial monitoring equipment with a mission to deliver unprecedented savings on quality branded equipment and innovative technology.

As a global environmental supply company, ENVCO represents world-class brands such as:

  • YSI
  • Sontek
  • Rae Systems
  • RKI Instruments 
  • AMS Samplers
  • D-OPTO

With more than 30-years experience in the environmental and industrial science and sales field, ENVCO Global offers unmatched customer service, technical expertise and scientific experience.

Complementing ENVCO Global's centralised purchasing and support services is a foundation of experience and skills to find or develop the best solutions for clients, even when all avenues appear to be exhausted. 

For example, when the market needed to measure oxygen levels in still water and no solution could be found, ENVCO Global drove the innovation of the low cost D-Opto Sensor, an optical dissolved oxygen logger.

ENVCO Global was established in 2004 by Richard Morrow and Murphy O'Neal after the pair recognised an opportunity for expert advice and competitive prices in a market that was dominated by local agents – agents who lacked information and the scientific knowledge required to help customers make good decisions.

'Before ENVCO Global, local suppliers were driven by sales quotas and had very little to no expertise in the application of how a piece of equipment was supposed to be used – half the salespeople didn't really know what they were selling,' says Richard.