Daldrup & Söhne AG

Daldrup & Söhne AG

Provision of drilling and environmental services: Planning and implementation of geothermic drilling, Exploratory and test drilling for raw material deposits and building ground, Well drilling for drinking water, service water, mineral and medicinal water and thermal brine, Technical environmental services and special foundation engineering.

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Lüdinghauser Str. 42-46 , Ascheberg / Westfalen , 59387 Germany

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

We guarantee you:

Because our modern range of plant and equipment, which includes 40 drilling systems, is constantly upgraded to include the latest technological developments, it reflects the state of the art at all times.

The range of deployed drilling systems extends from hightec-deep drilling systems with a hook load of 350 tonnes to small, portable drilling systems for all conceivable applications.

A well-equipped workshop with specially trained mechanics guarantees the constant readiness of all plant and equipment.  

Service plays a vital role with us. We cooperate with you to achieve the best results for you. An extensive range of services is available to you to this end.  

Our team of geologists, engineers, drilling technicians, equipment operators and site supervisors trained in accordance with the standard DIN 4021 guarantees the performance of even the most complicated tasks. The data acquired in the field is processed in a high-performance computer system with special modern software for the graphic display of pump trials, drilling profiles and extension drawings in accordance with DIN.  

Close contacts with customers along with profound specialized consulting and competent execution guarantee your success.


  • Drilling expertise is the key to utilizing geothermic energy.
  • Daldrup performs drilling services for near-surface geothermics (heat collectors and geothermal probes for heating or cooling) and deep geothermics (deep geothermal probes for heat recovery, as well as hydrothermal and petrothermal systems for electricity generation and heat recovery).

Water Procurement

  • The drilling of wells for the procurement of drinking water, service water, medicinal and mineral water, boiler-feed and cooling water, as well as thermal brine is the traditional business of Daldrup & Söhne AG.
  • Daldrup has a lot of drilling competence and experience in this area and can offer many different drilling techniques (dry, direct circulation, airlift and hammer drilling processes)

Environment, Development and Services (EDS)

  • Hydraulic clean-up of contaminated sites (dumps, former mining plants, ultimate nuclear waste disposal sites etc.)
  • Drilling of gas extraction wells for recovering waste dump gas
  • Provision of groundwater quality measuring points and water cleansing plants, as well as the drawing of water samples
  • Mobile environmental analysis

Raw materials and exploration

  • Exploratory and test drilling to discover deposits of fossil fuels (anthracite, oil and gas) and mineral raw materials (rock salt, copper, nickel etc.)
  • Set-up of gas extraction wells for recovering mine gas
  • Exploration and securing of disused mining systems

Service plays a vital role with us. We cooperate with you to achieve the best results for you. An extensive range of services is available to you to this end.

We can offer you:

  • Trials and tests for well characterization
  • Complete construction projects from start to finish
  • Delivery, assembly and repair of pump systems
  • Industrial and domestic water systems, agricultural water supply
  • Well regeneration (mechanical and/or chemical)
  • Construction, delivery and installation of well heads (made of stainless steel, fibreglass or PVC)
  • Geothermal probes (in line with VDI guideline 4640)
  • Preservation of records