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Dando Drilling International Limited is a UK manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment for the water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and geothermal sectors. With a broad and diverse customer base which includes UN departments, NGOs, charities, government departments, military organisations, private contractors and mine sites, Dando supplies machines worldwide and currently have rigs in operation on every continent. Based on the south coast of England, Dando employs over sixty skilled staff in two locations all of whom take a tremendous pride in the company and who are passionate about the products and the customers/end users. Dando exemplifies the values of its board with a clear statement of corporate responsibility which lays out the values that guide and shape the company actions. There is recognition of the responsibilities owed by Dando to its stakeholders – its customers, investors, staff, suppliers, the local community and the wider world.

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Unit G, Ford Airfield Industrial Estate, Ford , Nr Arundel , West Sussex BN18 0HY United Kingdom

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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)
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The roots of Dando Drilling go back to 1867 when the company founders, Mr. Duke and Mr. Ockenden, sank the first tubewell to ensure a clean water supply in Littlehampton, England following a cholera outbreak. In the ensuing years, Dando supplied tubewells for a number of military campaigns and developed and spread their operations globally, supplying drilling services, equipment, waterwells and windmills.

It was during this time that Dando became one of the foremost drilling contractors and drilling rig manufacturers in the world. In 1980 the decision was made to cease the contracting operations in favour of manufacturing, with efforts concentrated on the creation of a range of drilling rigs and equipment that became second to none. Dando is active on every continent, with many rig’s working lives stretching into four decades. Applications for Dando equipment include mineral exploration, waterwell drilling, geotechnical investigation and seismic exploration.

The company’s long history has given Dando the opportunity to accumulate a large body of knowledge and expertise in all areas of the drilling industry. This experience enables Dando engineers to advise customers on selection of equipment and on all aspects of drilling operations. In addition to the supply of cable percussion and modern rotary hydraulic drilling rigs, Dando also offer a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment and services such as commissioning, training and project implementation.

DANDO sank the first Tubewell to ensure a clean water supply in Littlehampton, England, following an outbreak of Cholera.

DANDO supplied Tubewells for Abyssinia (Ethiopia).

1869 to 1914
DANDO operated worldwide, supplying drilling services, equipment, waterwells, windmills and pumps.

1914 to 1980
DANDO became one of the foremost drilling contractors and drilling rig manufacturers in the world. Emphasis gradually moved towards equipment design and manufacture.

1980 to Present Day
Contracting operations ceased in favour of manufacturing. From this time onwards, DANDO concentrated its efforts on the creation of a range of drilling rigs and equipment that became second to none.

The DANDO philosophy of Reliability and Ruggedness, combined with our commitment to continuing development and flexibility of design, ensures that the products supplied are the best and most suitable for the application.

In January 2011 Dando Drilling was acquired by Canadian group Energold Drilling Corp, one of the largest drilling services companies in the world. Energold is a diversified global drilling solutions provider serving mining, oil/gas, water, and geotechnical clients.