Danish Clean Water is a manufacturer of on-site disinfection units. Through the electrolysis of salt water using patented membrane cell technology we are able to produce a safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly disinfection fluid, that can be used in many applications. It specializes in systems to remove biofilms for potable and process water systems and legionella control in water systems and evaporators/cooling towers.

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Nørrekobbel 11 , Sønderborg , DK 6400 Denmark

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We believe technology can help create a better future

Our strategy is to develop fully automated disinfection units, based on a plug and play philosophy to secure an optimal reliable operation. In the Danish tradition of environmental responsibility all DCW disinfection units are designed to leave least possible negative impact on the environment. Our disinfection unit produce the disinfectant liquid NEUTHOX, which is highly efficient in removing dangerous bacteria and biofilm. Adisinfection unit from Danish Clean Water can help you save energy and water as it allows water to be recycled and some processes to be carried out at lower temperatures.

The company was founded in April of 2008 to exploit the technology of on-site production of disinfectants. The main funding came from PMCStar – private venture capital- owned be Peter Mads Clausen one of the largest shareholders from Danfoss. Prototype generators were produced and installed at several locations already in the beginning of 2009; and have now been running since. The technology was launched commercially in mid 2009 and installations have been sold in more than 20 countries with more than 400 units operation.


Our mission is to provide cost effective, safe, environmentally responsible solutions to bacterial control in the food and water industries.

We believe technology can help create a better future

For years the world has been facing an increased pressure on the supply of safe drinking water due to a growing population and demands of industrial growth in many countries worldwide. We have furthermore recognized that outbreaks of food poisoning, from bacteria such as E.coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Listeria, can have serious consequences in the food and water industry.


The Electro Chemical Activation technology is a process where ordinary, naturally occurring salt and water passes across an electrochemical cell.

Danish Clean Water generators use the ECA technology to produce the non-toxic, close to pH neutral, safe disinfectant - NEUTHOX, in which hypochlorus acid is the active substance. Hypochlorus acid is highly effective in eliminating most infection causing bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella.

NEUTHOX is therefore powerful enough to eliminate dangerous bacteria in water systems, and on work surfaces, while being completely safe for humans, and animals and having close to zero impact on the environment.

With an ECA generator from DCW it is possible to achieve substantial cost savings, since an on-site production often is much cheaper than other alternatives. Our generators allow some processes to be carried out at lower temperatures, and water to be recycled, which also makes it possible to save both water and energy.


Danish Clean Water is the manufacturer of an ECA generator, which produces the disinfectant liquid, NEUTHOX. NEUTHOX is produced through an electrolysis process, where only electrical power, common salt and water is used, and is a clear 100 % biodegradable liquid which eliminates dangerous bacteria, such as Legionella and Salmonella, in water.

The DCW generator is fully automatic and adds NEUTHOX to the water system using a programmable controller, which ensures that the dosage is adjusted to the current bacteria content in the water. Over a period of time NEUTHOX will remove the existing biofilm in the piping completely, and continuous use will prevent biofilm from occurring again in the future.


Benefits of NEUTHOX:

  • Eliminates bacteria known to cause disease in humans
  • Since completely harmless, NEUTHOX can be stored without taking any precautions, and paperwork and permissions are unnecessary
  • NEUTHOX will keep its disinfectant properties even after several months storage
  • NEUTHOX is classed as non-toxic and biodegradable under the guidelines of the European Union


Eliminating the problem - biofilm
Biofilm is always the problem when dealing with bacterial growth in water. NEUTHOX is the only biocide that is able to remove biofilm entirely - and does so at very low concentrations.

Biofilm is recognizable by its slimy substance. It occurs naturally in all water environments, and you may have come across it by the ocean or by a creek, where stones are covered in a shiny coat of biofilm. You may also have come across it while cleaning the shower drain. It may sound harmless, but it is not. Bacteria thrive in biofilm and once the biofilm has occurred it can be difficult to remove. NEUTHOX, being the only biocide able to completely remove biofilm, has been scientifically proved to be highly effective in doing so within few hours.