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  • Wastewater Pre-Treatment -Sand/Grease Removal

  • Model KD 01 - Grit Separator

    Model KD 01 - Grit Separator

    The grit separator model KD 01 is available in five sizes with a separating capacity from 5 to 35 litres per minute. The grit separator is constructed in stainless steel and after machining completely pickled. By this, the optimal durability of the material is ensured. The grit separator is of a simple and robust construction and works at a low number of revolutions. Thus, limited maintenance and low running costs are achieved.

  • Vortex - Model KD 01.5 - Grit Chamber

    Vortex - Model KD 01.5 - Grit Chamber

    The Vortex Grit Chamber type KD 01.5 is a compact grit trap constructed of steel thereby permitting a considerable reduction of construction costs. Circular grit traps are used for separation of grit and water and if necessary of floating material. The grit trap is a welded construction consisting of an outer tank, an inner tank and if needed, a floating outlet used for separation of floating material.